Chattanoogan Is Finalist For James Beard Award


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Best Chef!

We LOVE St. John’s!!!! My hubby and I ate there for Valentine’s Day (as we did last year) plus last Tuesday, March 19th, for our 36 year wedding anniversary. Chef sent us a beet special for our special day. I have never cared for beets but am always open to trying new things. I LOVED them!!! I was shocked at how delicious they were! St. John’s is my all time favorite Chattanooga fine dining restaurant. I asked about St. John’s Meeting Place next door. They said it was a casual version of St. John’s. I asked if it was the same chef for both. The gal said yes. I told my hubby we have to go there, soon. So, Friday, March 22nd, we ate there. It did not disappoint. We tried several happy hour drinks, small plates and three desserts!!! Again, everything was delicious!! We happened to sit beside the mother of the owner of St. John’s and discovered we each had lived in the St. Louis area. We told her about our love for St. John’s and how we had to try the Meeting Place after finding out they had the same chef. She was very complimentary (as were we) of Chef Rebecca! Maybe next time we might be fortunate enough to meet her. She deserves the JB award!!! 💟😊

Darcy more than 1 year ago

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