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Manic/Depressive Illness

Recently I left a Behavior Unit of an area hospital (being a patient). I never honestly, know what happened to me, it was episode of being manic....I remember the first hospital where I could not be committed. However, they said I did not meet their criteria (I didn't even realize family was trying to enter ME in the hospital, somewhere in my mind, I thought it was my husband who needed to be there). That particular city hospital turned me away. The next hospital also said there was no bed available and they were not set up to admit me. My family left me there anyway, 30 miles from home (I didn't know this until later). As they turned back and were in the front door of the house, my daughter's phone rang and they had found a bed in the Behavior Unit of another hospital 30 miles west of our home. I am 73 years young, not in very good health....diabetic, having a procedure done thru the neck to put in a fistulae, 2 knees replacements, past numerous past surgeries done and trying to cope with my family's upset. How could they handle me, let alone the admission process? They couldn't and that is why they went off and let the hospital take care of me, that is when Admitting called 28 hospitals (including one in Chicago) to find a bed. Finally, my Hematology doctor got a bed for me. My whole point being....why, did it take most of the night to obtain a "bed" in a hospital for a 73 year old woman??? Our hospitals are at maximum capacity, the staffs are always trained properly, and there is a real need there. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it~there is more to my story, how a bad time turned in to a blessing. How my wonderful family sticks by me and how I could not exist without them. But tomorrow morning I go to dialysis and I find it is a long day, so God bless you who read this and I pray you are not alone in your travels.

Carolyn more than 1 year ago

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