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My Civic Duty Completed

Thank you for voting and sharing your experience with us, the readers. I would add that voting is only a small part of our civic duties. This idea is not original, but I think it is worth repeating. I believe those duties include staying informed and engaged in how are community is governed. I don't mean becoming a politician or a CNN/Fox news hound. I mean taking a little time (a precious commodity) to keep up with the sometimes boring local stuff. Things like neighborhood rezoning requests which might be an apartment complex being built on your street, like city/county proposed ordinances which might end up raising fees or taxes, and like school zoning boundaries and magnet school admission requirements. There are some other small things to keep us engaged like meeting your city council member, your county commissioner, and your TN state representative and TN state senator. This are not intended to be an exhaustive list, this is simply a few ideas to get started. Thank you again for sharing your voting expereince.

Jay Hopkins more than 5 years ago

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