OpEd: A House Still Divided Against Itself



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Racism in the United States

The fact that this article was written and that the "Pulse" exists , is enough to give this "White" 71 year old man , hope.
I have lived with racial and ethnic bias and it's infectious hatred all my life .Somehow I did not become infected by the germ . Not Infected but affected , in that I developed bias of my own , a counter form of prejudice though lacking for the most part ,, the hatred .
A hatred that might have been been but instead , supplemented by pity and sorrow , for nor only those that had the disease and unable to shake it , but also for the society in which they lived passing on there malady to the innocent.

It is likely that the only cure may injections of unconditional kindness and irrational love by thoses caring enough and armed with the revelation that , the God of love we so often hear about , is not "with" us, but "is" us

Patrick Fogarty more than 5 years ago

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