Writing the Next Chapter In Local Arts



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The UNFoundation

Great article Andy. It is exciting to see a new administration that is dedicated to these priorities, and making Chattanooga an even better place to live!

In the spirit of your article, I hope you don't mind that I use this comment section to highlight a local organization I am involved with called the UNFoundation. Our website is www.theunfoundation.org, and there is a list of the 19 community based projects we have funded so far in Chattanooga since winning the 48 Hour Launch event in November 2011.

We are a random group of engaged Chattanoogans who pool our money and resources to fund cool, locally based projects that benefit our city, on a monthly basis. If any readers out there have an idea for a project that will benefit Chattanooga, please take 10 minutes to apply for a grant on our website. On the flip side, if anyone reading this article is interested in getting involved in our organization to make great things happen around our city, please contact me: ben@theunfoundation.org.

If you'd simply like to follow what we're doing, check us out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theunfoundation


Big Ben Garrison more than 7 years ago


Bravo, Mayor Berke. We appreciate your recognition of the arts in our city. They are its soul.

Lee Parham more than 7 years ago

Rock City

Could we obtain funding to get a giant "Hollywood" style sign built on the ridge? It would read "ROCK CITY" of course. This would define the town and highlight its most globally recognized attraction. Come on people. Lets make it happen. How much could 8 huge letters cost to install into the side of a mountain? Probably a lot. But it would pay for itself in tourist revenue and go a long way to establishing brand recognition. That is invaluable.

Skeleton Leprae more than 7 years ago

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