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Chattanooga Outdoors: Confederate Cemetery

I’d decided to switch things up and write about outdoor spaces, but I sure bumbled into this particular space. Maybe it’s not a great time to write about anything Confederate? Heck, maybe it’s never a great time to write about anything Confederate?

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Maddi Lane, organizer of The Female Future, describes herself as a “creator, performer, choreographer, and dancer”. It’s quite a mix, and it’s all true. I’ve been lucky enough to see Maddie perform, take class from her, and participate ... Read more

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My earliest experience with improv comedy was watching a variety show in the mid 1990s in Chattanooga (I think it was at Barking Legs Theater) where a group of high school and college age comedians interacted in the personas of Smurfs ... Read more

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Many of us may be feeling trauma lately. As pandemic tumbled into protest (but didn’t go away), we may be suffering from the effects of job loss, illness, racism, and uncertainty. Talk therapy is not always enough to release trauma lodged in the ... Read more

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As we discover each other online, sometimes we aren’t exactly looking at our friends’ own art, listening to their own music. Instead, we’re getting together with them to look at some third entity. Or, some of us are. As usual, being nearly ... Read more

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A lot of conflicting information about coronavirus is traveling around news sources and social media lately. “Who can we trust?” becomes an ever-more-urgent question—especially true, perhaps, for people in Black, Latinx, and impoverished ... Read more

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It’s about a month now that I’ve been writing a weekly profile featuring awesome Chattanoogans you can meet online from the comfort of your own pillow fort. From chefs to impresarios, we have some brilliant people folks in this town, all going ... Read more

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