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7 Year Old’s “Found” Golf Balls Helping To Rescue Dogs And Cats

Youth and Covid are no match for seven-year-old Elise Marx’s passion for public service and animal rescue. Her kind heart for animals, energy and creative spirit are boundless. Approximately one year ago ...

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Hamilton County Schools’ student Vraj Patel from Hamilton County Collegiate High School was recently awarded first place and the Best of Show Award at the 2021 Youth Photography Showcase. Read more

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The Challenger STEM Learning Center is reopening for both onsite visits and STEM Summer Camps. At 11 a.m. on Friday, March 26, country singer Lee Greenwood will attend an event to officially announce ... Read more

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Siskin Children’s Institute is excited to announce a unique spring event with 2019 Tony Award winning actress Ali Stroker. Breaking Boundaries on Broadway with Ali Stroker will stream virtually on April 22 ... Read more

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Young Professionals of Chattanooga and the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce are now accepting nominations and applications for the 2021-22 Protégé team-based mentoring program for early to ... Read more

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The staff of the Public Library in Collegedale is pleased to announce their plan for the expansion of service offerings for the current restrictions to restore in-library use beginning March 15.  With a focus ... Read more

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It started as “Women’s History Week” in 1982. Now expanded to Women’s History Month, it celebrates and honors the achievements and struggles of American women. Below are listings for the virtual and in-person events taking place at the University ... Read more

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