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Winter Brewfest At The Moxy

One of the newest hotels to grace downtown is The Moxy, which has focused on being much more than just a place to stay. They’ve made it a point to celebrate everything that makes downtown a destination for both visitors and locals alike.

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Are you a writer? Do you want to become a writer? The Chattanooga Writers’ Guild has a unique opportunity for you to participate in their Winter Writers Workshop, which will include craft lectures and writing workshops in poetry, fiction, and ... Read more

The Bowl

The Creative Discovery Museum is full of wonder all year round for children. There they learn to problem solve, explore, and discover a whole new world of imagination and learning from dinosaur bone digging to pushing tiny sailboats through ... Read more

The Bowl

Christmas and holiday decorations are the highlight of my year. A dark evergreen, ball-dotted, tinsel-tipped, star-topped beauty in the corner of my living room brightens my day, and I went so far as to buy Alexa-controlled plugs so I can say ... Read more

The Bowl

It’s no surprise that calligraphy is making a comeback. Maybe it never went away, I’m not sure, but traditional calligraphy with a nib and inkwell has evolved from something I picture Ben Franklin doing to something you’ll find on a million and ... Read more

The Bowl

Do you like to put yourself to the test, if only occasionally? Have you got the drive to get the runner’s high and physically push yourself while having a great time? Or do you just want to see others push it to the limit for you while you sip on ... Read more

The Bowl

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