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Modern Hippie Presents *stay hydrated Campaign

Due to recording-breaking heat this summer, Modern Hippie is going to give back to the community by aiming to provide everyone the opportunity to *stay hydrated. With the help of Mojo Burrito, The Crash Pad, Flying Squirrel, and Coca-Cola, Modern ...

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Since 1974, almost 250 artists have passed through the doors of In-Town Gallery. This is not just any commercial enterprise. In-Town’s designation as a cooperative artists’ enterprise sets it apart from other businesses, for it is run by and for ... Read more

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For an animal whose importance to ocean life can’t be overstated, the shark has a tremendous public relations problem. Almost always portrayed as the lurking villains of the salty depths in pop culture, sharks really should be celebrated for the ... Read more

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The Chattanooga Readers and Writers Fair is hosting an open submission period to local writers for the first time during this year’s fair. Any submissions that are accepted will be featured at the fair and the author will be asked to present a ... Read more

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Chattanooga is a city full of very creative people. We have musicians, dancers, actors, artists off all types, entrepreneurs, programmers, designers, architects, and more. It’s a city filled to the brim with creativity and enthusiasm. We also ... Read more

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For the past 86 years, the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera has been one of the city’s brightest gems. Led by Kayoko Dan, the CSO consists of top players from Chattanooga and around the southern region. But as with all things symphonic, they can’t ... Read more

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