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If It’s January, It Must Be Chattacon

For over four decades, fans of science fiction, fantasy, comics, gaming, art and music have come to the Scenic City for the annual gathering known as Chattacon. Starting this Friday, nearly a thousand fans will descend upon the Chattanoogan Hotel ...



If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that we’re all different. We come from different beliefs, backgrounds, religions, classes, to the point that we don’t truly understand one another. While our differences make us who we are, it ... more

Jan 10, 2018 11:27 AM The Bowl

As a kid (and as an adult too, to be honest), I was fascinated with the fact that people built scale models of larger things. Skyscrapers, amusement parks, airplanes, they could all be represented in a much smaller version of itself prior to ... more

Jan 3, 2018 11:52 AM The Bowl

We all make resolutions, and let’s face it, probably 90 percent of us break them (don’t check my statistics). If you’re one of those who can’t help but throw your resolution by the wayside sometime mid-February, The Chattery can help get your new ... more

Dec 27, 2017 11:32 AM The Bowl

Public Works is offering to collect live Christmas Trees at any of our Refuse and Recycle Collection Centers throughout the city. Citizens can drop off their live Christmas trees beginning Tuesday, December 26, 2017. more

Dec 21, 2017 11:01 AM The Bowl

The holidays are a time of joy, love and a whole lot of hustle and bustle. It can be hard amongst all the gift purchasing and family planning to find a moment of respite, but thanks to Unitarian Universalist Church of Chattanooga, you can find ... more

Dec 20, 2017 11:52 AM The Bowl

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