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Can Climate Change Be Fixed?

If it isn’t clear by now, Climate change is the biggest threat our species has ever faced. The recent report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, paints a grim picture of a future where our planet is too warm and the weather ...



While I have always found civil unrest and natural disasters to be the hands-down most exciting of all police incidents, there is a downside to the latter: There are no breaks. (Now before you get all wound up, don’t think I want either of those ... more

On The Beat

Recently I was talking with friends about the Chattanooga Market, and one of the memorable days I had there. It was animal adoption day, or, Bring Your Enormous Horse of a Dog to Market Day. The spotlight was on McKamey’s Adoption Center ... more

Shrink Rap 1 Comments

October is here! It’s my custom at this time to remind you once again of the wondrous seasonal change now beginning and answer that burning question: Why do leaves fall off trees? To quote myself from past writings: more

Shades of Green 1 Comments

It’s no big secret among gamers that independently produced and published games have quickly outpaced their big box counterparts. It’s a glorious revolution in which the gaming public at large has discovered greater value for their dollar and ... more

Game On!

In Part One last month, I took a look at electrics and hybrids, for the people who like having oceans and an ecosystem and stuff. Honestly, though, it’s still not a fully developed market. My little town has two electric car charging points ... more

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