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It’s The Summer Research Roundup

Well, the kids are back in school, and we’re about half way through Summer, so it must be time for another Research Roundup! The biggest science news of the summer is the launch (just days ago) of the Parker Solar Probe. Unlike previous missions ...



The Wire. The HBO series that made Baltimore, Maryland (aka “Bodymore, Murdaland”) gangsta’ way, way before the Freddie Gray riots did. The city is a fascinating lesson in theory-vs-reality in so many areas it’s tough to pick one to narrow it down… more

On The Beat

Let’s get this straight: Nuclear is not an answer! In the 21st century we are moving on to renewable energy for electricity generation. Coal, gas and nuclear are going the way of buggy whips. We didn’t run out of rocks either, but the Rock Age is ... more

Shades of Green 1 Comments

By now, I believe most of you understand the strong connection between the body and mind. For instance, when you feel depressed emotionally, your body is more susceptible to getting ill. When you are anxious, you are out of the present moment ... more

Shrink Rap

In the grim darkness of the future there is only war. It’s the 41st millennium and existence is inundated with over-the-top insanity of a universe in the throes of constant battle and strife. Genetically modified super monks, demonic forces of ... more

Game On!

We don’t get a lot of mail here at Air Bag, and most of what we do get was actually intended for Dr. Rick over at Shrink Wrap. Which has been awfully positive, but I digress. That said, once or twice a year we accumulate enough letters of our ... more

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