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How Will Climate Change Kill You?

If it’s not painfully clear yet, climate change is going to end our civilization and kill us all. All that’s really left is for BuzzFeed to make a quiz so we can all find out how we’ll die. Since this is print, we can’t really do that, so let’s ...

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Dungeon masters come in all shapes, sizes, and temperaments. Some are your best friends and some are loathsome soul grinders eager to slay parties with extreme prejudice. If you’ve been around the tabletop roleplaying scene for a while you will ... Read more

Game On!

It’s a miraculous process! We mostly notice the end product, i.e., the beautiful, brilliantly colored orange, black, and white monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus). It begins as an egg, hatches as a caterpillar that eats a lot of milkweed, molts ... Read more

Shades of Green

The thing about working a district is you never know how good you have it until it’s gone. (Okay, aside from all the terrible things that happen, but that’s another story.) I remember being nervous about “getting a bad part of town” on my first ... Read more

On The Beat

I have a young friend who recently finished hiking a portion of the Appalachian Trail—seven days’ worth. He has plenty of tales from that experience; some are entertaining, some heartbreaking, some positive and life-affirming. Read more

Shrink Rap

From early on in this column, and early on in my career, I’ve talked up the many reasons to own semi-old German cars, from around 1970 and later. Before that they’re also great, but largely priced out of reach. I owned a couple, kind of. I had a ... Read more

Air Bag

There’s nothing like a drive along Hixson Pike on some odd chance you have a day off and ample fuel to burn for the hell of it. I’m not one to observe anything other than the road; billboards and non-traffic signs are flatly ignored in my Zenlike ... Read more

Game On!

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