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51 Used Cars Come Marching In

In a lot of ways I’m a very frustrated car enthusiast. I’ve owned a bunch of old cars, but never because they were old cars—it’s just that an ex-highway department $500 1971 Chevy C/K 10 was all I could afford. Same for my $500 ‘73 Dodge Power ...



Apparently, just hours ago (as I write this) on Sunday, a large heretofore unknown asteroid (2018 GE3) raced across the southern sky, with absolutely no warning. Based on the amount of light it was reflecting, astronomers put its size at ... more

Just A Theory

Friends have tried to get me on the WoW train many moons ago, then there was SWTOR, Rift, and EVE Online. Instituting money drains like auction houses and excruciating time eating mechanics that make the eyes bleed with repetitiveness doesn’t ... more

Game On!

Well, the recent cold temperatures might have fool ed you, but the dogwoods and redbuds are blooming so it must be spring. The bright green of new tree leaves gives hope for life ongoing as many humans before us have noted with ceremony. more

Shades of Green

A few weeks ago I was at a restaurant that had long wooden tables with tall chairs. It almost exclusively served alcohol, but wasn’t a bar of course. Co-workers new and old were there in what is an exceptionally rare occurrence for me: I was “out.” more

On The Beat

Over the years, regular Shrink-Rappers got to know my wonderful furry companion, Betty Lou, a truly delightful bundle of smart, goofy, entertaining energy. You may also know that, after being my faithful shadow for 14 years, Betty crossed the ... more

Shrink Rap

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