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Cybertruck Is The Face Of Change

I can’t think of another industry more conservative than the automotive one. Aircraft perhaps, but the traditionally huge profit margins of cars have allowed automakers to innovate even less than aircraft, which run on thin margins and almost ...

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The second Saturday in February you may see groups of random folks looking like they stepped out of a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novel or the Great Gatsby being led around town by their cell phones. I can assure you that these strange folks will be ... Read more

Game On!

As I write this on Sunday, the temperature here at my home in north Georgia is 60° F. We just went through (yet another) crazy set of storms this last weekend, and there are more storms forecast for the middle of the week. (It might even be ... Read more

Just A Theory

Foot patrol. As counterintuitive as it may seem for those who know me, it has always been a highlight of The Job. Meeting people in good situations or bad is the essence of police work in my meaningless opinion.  The further you get from the ... Read more

On The Beat

It’s 2020! From an environmental perspective, 2019 was pretty lousy what with all the federal cutbacks in environmental regulations and backward steps regarding energy and climate change. Fortunately, many established businesses and industries ... Read more

Shades of Green

The line was long. For some reason the store was overly warm and humid. It was just a few days before Christmas, and my arms were starting to ache under the weight of the full wicker basket I was holding. I’d picked up some holiday gifts for my ... Read more

Shrink Rap

Back in November cosplay fodder Blizzard dropped a demonic bombshell with the announcement of Diablo IV. I’ll confess that I’m not a fan of Blizzard Entertainment or their past business practices. Keep in mind that I was a Blizzard fan boy many ... Read more

Game On!

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