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In Praise Of Multicultural Innovation

This week, people the world over will be celebrating the unofficial holiday known as “Juneteenth.” It’s a week-long celebration of the Abolition of Slavery here in the United States, which occurred on June 19th, 1865. While Juneteenth has been a ...



It’s no secret that I’m a self-proclaimed champion of crowd-funded video games. Maybe it’s my way of getting back all those years of experiencing good games die at the hands of loot boxes and half-finished titles at 100 percent market price with ... more

Game On!

There must be a mole in the Walker County Government lower echelons. How else could the word have leaked out that Pilgrim’s Pride wants to build a chicken processing plant in McLemore Cove? Walker County officials say they can neither confirm nor ... more

Shades of Green

Another close call in a career full of close calls, but yet again I had somehow made it.Coincidence? Skill? Probably the former but you hope it was the latter, though in the end it makes no difference either way. I’d made it and I could relax, my ... more

On The Beat

Happy June! It’s warming up out there, and we nature lovers are coming out of hibernation. The critters in my woods are also coming alive, frolicking unabashedly—a-hem!—and providing lots of opportunity for my dog, Lily Pad, to eagerly stand ... more

Shrink Rap

The threat of annihilation by psycho nature is something we as gamers should be familiar with. After all, it’s well-known in most science fiction and dark fantasy that sooner or later Mother Nature will eventually lose her patience and break the ... more

Game On!

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