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Electric Vehicle Evangelism

Step on brake. Push starter button. Press pedal. Quietly move to your destination with zero emissions and little expense. Help reduce climate change impacts, improve public health, and spur new jobs. It’s an electric vehicle. What’s not to like?

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I wouldn’t say blindsided is a good word for EA’s latest attempt at winning the hearts and thumbs of gamers the world over. Bewildered and silly are even better words to describe the publishing giant’s release trends over the past few years. Read more

Game On!

So here we are in February…the month of physical heart health and romantic heart health. Which reminds me about one of my favorite self-care images—it’s a reminder, really—which is a physiology lesson taught to medical students during their early ... Read more

Shrink Rap

If you’re reading this local weekly alternative fish wrapper then you probably also have access to other forms of information such as television, newspapers, and the emperor of all things factual, “The Facebooks”. And if you can get your law ... Read more

On The Beat

By now you’re likely aware that VW will be starting an $800 million expansion this spring to add electric vehicle capacity to Chattanooga. While $800 million is big money, it barely registers on VW’s global, eight-year $50 billion electrification ... Read more

Air Bag

During the recent Alexa convention, I crossed paths with X2 Games from Burbank, CA. If you’re like me and never heard of X2 Games before, let me offer a brief shot of backstory with a gaming history chaser. The legendary Nolan Bushnell, the man ... Read more

Game On!

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