Rob Brezsny

Free Will Astrology: Week of March 27, 2020

Homework: Tell jokes to humorists. Be extra kind to kind people. Sing songs to the birds. Change the way you change.

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So there was this guy who accidentally became a cop in the early ’90s, a Gen-Xer with a really weird giggle and an affinity for horror movies and the sloppiest hot dogs Chicago and New York City could produce. He loved firearms but hated hunting ... Read more

On The Beat

We interrupt your regularly scheduled horoscopes to offer insights about the virus-driven turning point that the whole world is now experiencing. As you’ve probably guessed, all of us are being invited to re-evaluate everything we think we know ... Read more

Free Will Astrology

“Dangerous Curves”—every capital letter in the theme has curves. Read more

Jonesin' Crossword Solution

Environmentally speaking it’s hard to know what to write about in this column. There’s the election. There’s the tornado destruction in the Nashville and Putnam County areas. There’s the coronovirus threat now here in Tennessee. There’s extra ... Read more

Shades of Green

I have a young friend who recently finished hiking a portion of the Appalachian Trail—seven days’ worth. He has plenty of tales from that experience; some are entertaining, some heartbreaking, some positive and life-affirming. He’s not even from ... Read more

Shrink Rap

I’ve said it once before that 2020 would be a big year for videogames. As we round the seasonal corner of shedding off the chaos that is Chattanooga Winters and suit up for the chaos that is Chattanooga Spring, we look forward to a few epic ... Read more

Game On!

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