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Trust Yourself Under The Hood

Depending on the year, a Ford Model T came with about 11 tools in the factory toolkit. That included a pair of pry bars for dismounting the tires, an oil can, bicycle-type air pump, and the jack. With these, the driver could not only perform any ...

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This was supposed to be a New York International Auto Show spectacular. I even got myself to New York last Tuesday for the show’s Wednesday press day and was enjoying watching the Yankees thrash the Red Sox 8-0 when my wife texted me that my ... Read more

Air Bag

From early on in this column, and early on in my career, I’ve talked up the many reasons to own semi-old German cars, from around 1970 and later. Before that they’re also great, but largely priced out of reach. I owned a couple, kind of. I had a ... Read more

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People have been working on flying cars not since the Wright Brothers flew, but before. A Hungarian engineer named Emil Némethy and an Austrian named F. Heinz were both trying to figure them out by 1900, just 14 years after the invention of the ... Read more

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By now you’re likely aware that VW will be starting an $800 million expansion this spring to add electric vehicle capacity to Chattanooga. While $800 million is big money, it barely registers on VW’s global, eight-year $50 billion electrification ... Read more

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Our previous 2018 Buyer’s Guides—Electrics and Hybrids; Small Vehicles; and Family Size—were complicated, because there are a lot of cars and SUVs. But the working vehicle scene kind of boils down to, “Don’t buy a Ram no matter what.” Which in ... Read more

Air Bag

Hey, it happens. I don’t judge, I had too many children. Or maybe it’s dogs, or goats, or the hellish dog-goat hybrids you’re breeding. Either way, you need some room to schlep them around to your dark Satanic soccer games and/or rituals. Read more

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