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Mail(air)bag: Common Car Queries

We don’t get a lot of mail here at Air Bag, and most of what we do get was actually intended for Dr. Rick over at Shrink Wrap. Which has been awfully positive, but I digress. That said, once or twice a year we accumulate enough letters of our ...



It started, for me, with a phone call last week. Well, a two phone calls, a text, a voicemail and two emails. My stepmother kept saying the same thing: “David, help. A friend of mine is in trouble.” If you’ve never had that call, you will. more

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In retrospect, it should have been obvious that Ford didn’t care about cars any more. Last fall, they emitted a press release that in the first paragraph said, among other gibberish, “strategic”; “leverage”; “product strengths”; “trusted brand” ... more

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In a lot of ways I’m a very frustrated car enthusiast. I’ve owned a bunch of old cars, but never because they were old cars—it’s just that an ex-highway department $500 1971 Chevy C/K 10 was all I could afford. Same for my $500 ‘73 Dodge Power ... more

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Up in the north, there’s a tradition called the winter beater. It’s a car dependable enough to get you through the snow, but not so good that you care about what potholes and salt do to it. If it falls apart, that’s just the cost of doing ... more

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With a new day job, I’ve had to rent cars a lot lately. As a car nerd, I refuse to rent the Kia Souls and Nissan Rogues and Chrysler 200s that make up most rental fleets. I’ve driven them and they’re loathsome. They make me feel sad inside. more

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