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What Should I Drive This Summer?

Up in the north, there’s a tradition called the winter beater. It’s a car dependable enough to get you through the snow, but not so good that you care about what potholes and salt do to it. If it falls apart, that’s just the cost of doing ...



With a new day job, I’ve had to rent cars a lot lately. As a car nerd, I refuse to rent the Kia Souls and Nissan Rogues and Chrysler 200s that make up most rental fleets. I’ve driven them and they’re loathsome. They make me feel sad inside. more

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In the era of Alexa everything and the smarthome, you’d expect cars to leap onto that connected bandwagon, and they have, as much as things with wheels can leap. If you’re a curmudgeon, which I think most people secretly are, deep down where we ... more

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There may be no place in American life where sexism is baked in more thoroughly than car culture. A recent New York Times article profiling generations of abuse at Ford Motor Company—a problem they’ve been getting sued for since 1995 and which ... more

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In an average year, 15 or 20 vehicles appear and disappear. Some are market failures that only lasted a few years; others may have been around for a while and are just at the end of their natural lifespan. They’re not all good, but with some ... more

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If for some reason you think about 1917, at all, you might think about Woodrow Wilson and the US entry into World War I, which was being fought on foot and horseback. The Civil War was as close to 1917 as is the release of “You’ve Lost That ... more

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