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Cybertruck Is The Face Of Change

I can’t think of another industry more conservative than the automotive one. Aircraft perhaps, but the traditionally huge profit margins of cars have allowed automakers to innovate even less than aircraft, which run on thin margins and almost ...

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About a year ago I bought a cheap, used German luxury sedan, a 1997 Mercedes-Benz E420. With a 275hp V-8, world class leather and wood interior and 54,000 miles, it cost me…$3,100. No, there aren’t any zeroes in the wrong place. And no, there ... Read more

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We don’t get a lot of mail here at Air Bag, and most of what we do get was actually intended for Dr. Rick over at Shrink Wrap. Which has been awfully positive, but I digress. That said, once or twice a year we accumulate enough letters of our own ... Read more

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You don’t have to be interested in cars to figure out that they are a homogenized commodity. All you have to do is look around at the sea of black and white and silver lozenges to recognize products being built to the same identical ... Read more

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If you haven’t heard, June was the hottest month. Period. For the Planet Earth, since we started keeping track 140 years ago. Don’t believe me? Greenland has been having wildfires. Greenland. Not only do you have to have plants in the first place ... Read more

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We’ve talked a lot about what our autonomous future looks like, at least from certain perspectives; it was even our cover story for the 2017 Automotive issue here at The Pulse, in fact. And in general, we’re in favor. The near future will see much... Read more

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