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Annual Fall Buying Guide: Trucks

Our previous 2018 Buyer’s Guides—Electrics and Hybrids; Small Vehicles; and Family Size—were complicated, because there are a lot of cars and SUVs. But the working vehicle scene kind of boils down to, “Don’t buy a Ram no matter what.” Which in ...



Hey, it happens. I don’t judge, I had too many children. Or maybe it’s dogs, or goats, or the hellish dog-goat hybrids you’re breeding. Either way, you need some room to schlep them around to your dark Satanic soccer games and/or rituals. more

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In Part One last month, I took a look at electrics and hybrids, for the people who like having oceans and an ecosystem and stuff. Honestly, though, it’s still not a fully developed market. My little town has two electric car charging points ... more

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This year, we’re changing up our buying guide slightly. To reflect the evil, wicked abandonment of the sedan, we’ll be mashing together hundreds of different vehicles into three four categories: electrics and hybrids; small vehicles; family size ... more

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We don’t get a lot of mail here at Air Bag, and most of what we do get was actually intended for Dr. Rick over at Shrink Wrap. Which has been awfully positive, but I digress. That said, once or twice a year we accumulate enough letters of our ... more

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It started, for me, with a phone call last week. Well, a two phone calls, a text, a voicemail and two emails. My stepmother kept saying the same thing: “David, help. A friend of mine is in trouble.” If you’ve never had that call, you will. more

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