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AAA: Americans Will Take 700 Million Trips This Summer

This summer, AAA forecasts Americans will take 700 million trips based on economic indicators and state re-openings. That number is down nearly 15% compared to last July through September and is the first ...

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Nationwide, more than 8,300 people died in crashes involving teen drivers from 2008 to 2018 during the “100 Deadliest Days,” the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  That’s more than seven ... Read more

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As anyone who has driven around Chattanooga and Hamilton County over the past couple of months, especially when the shelter-in-place recommendation was in high gear, surely would say traffic ... Read more

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After three months of staying at home, AAA urges drivers to keep everyone safe on the roads and warns motorists against falling back into dangerous driving habits. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety’s latest ... Read more

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If you travel in car enthusiast circles, you’ll eventually run across someone saying “life is too short to drive boring cars.” Many of my peers live that creed but I always seemed to find a reason not to. Too impractical, too expensive, no room ... Read more

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I can’t think of another industry more conservative than the automotive one. Aircraft perhaps, but the traditionally huge profit margins of cars have allowed automakers to innovate even less than aircraft, which run on thin margins and almost ... Read more

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