I don’t have any particular problem with someone being an ass; I am a card-carrying “ass” myself. It doesn’t necessarily make someone a bad person, it just makes them blunt. more »

Dec 13, 2012 by in On The Beat

Giving, Until It Hurts

The holiday shopping season is definitely in full swing. With that comes an outlay of income that may or may not be disposable for some. Seems that nowadays—given the option—no one (at least in my peer group) expects a gift. more »

Dec 13, 2012 by in Life In The Noog

Stones Cold Cash

I’m sorry, but I feel like the Stones owe us for making them so wealthy that each member’s entire future family lineage will be rich beyond their wildest dreams, even if they never even met great-great granddaddy Keith. And I think I’m not alone. more »

Dec 20, 2012 by in Life In The Noog

Legislating Tragedy

So much for my thoughtful Christmas story. While I was excused from that duty this year, I still had something sickly sweet in mind until Sunday. more »

Dec 20, 2012 by in On The Beat (1 Comments)

East Ridge Ruffled

I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention, but there has been a lot of feather ruffling lately in the government of one of our neighboring municipalities, East Ridge. more »

Dec 27, 2012 by in Life In The Noog (1 Comments)

Collateral Damage

"I saw the faces of the most hardened paramilitary, SWAT team guys come out, breaking down, saying they've just never seen anything like this," said Gold, a member of the Hawleyville Volunteer Fire Department. more »

Dec 27, 2012 by in On The Beat

Cooper’s Union

Even though my presence in The Pulse offices is as uncommon as free donuts, I feel like someone’s missing over there. I know those few who do hold down a desk are saddened by his darkened office. And they should be. more »

Jan 10, 2013 by in Life In The Noog

Bond of the Badge

I was in a hot tub when a complete stranger across from me asked if “the deal about the thin blue line, about the camaraderie” of cops was as real as TV and movies makes it out to be? more »

Jan 10, 2013 by in On The Beat

Job Description

The third shift is full of the sort of blissful ignorance that allows you to rest so peacefully at night while George Orwell’s proverbial “rough men” stand ready to do violence so that you may continue to do so... more »

Jan 17, 2013 by in On The Beat

Back in Time

So much has changed around here in the last 10 years, but there has been one constant—The Pulse. It’s covered all of the Noog’s milestones along the way, and has been a significant part of the reason our city is such a cool place to live. more »

Jan 17, 2013 by in Life In The Noog

Cookie Monster

Leading the pack of eight delicious delights are, of course, Thin Mints and Samoas, both laced with the cookie equivalent of crack accounting for their unquenchable appeal. more »

Jan 24, 2013 in Life In The Noog

Scoop the Poop

For the last several days I have been stepping over a pile of dog crap that’s nestled in the little strip of grass between the sidewalk in front of my Southside home and the curb where my car is usually parked. more »

Jan 31, 2013 by in Life In The Noog

Death of a Giant

I have seen death many times and in many ways. It’s forms are varied and sometimes defy category. I see those forms in the neatly packaged instances that I am called upon to view, to investigate and judge—but not to take home with me. more »

Jan 31, 2013 by in On The Beat (2 Comments)

Laws & Lawlessness

While Congress wrestles with this emerging phenomena largely by ignoring it, they are at least continuing to place restrictions on the only ones actually following these “laws.” more »

Feb 7, 2013 by in On The Beat

Don’t Ring My Bell

The other night I heard a noise as unfamiliar to me as a cheetah’s mating call. At first I thought it was something on the TV that was keeping my lazy, couch-potato ass occupied. more »

Feb 7, 2013 by in Life In The Noog

Politics as Blood Sport

As a cop, you know things and you know people. Lots of them. Despite my general cynicism, people really do have an interest in a cop’s opinion because while disturbing, cops tend to see things most people don’t have access to. more »

Feb 14, 2013 by in On The Beat

Eww, That Smell

Bands have a place in time. The smart ones know when enough is enough, but the allure of nostalgia never dies. There’s too much money (and ego) involved. Death can’t compete with Riverbend’s thirst for classic bands and the crowds they draw. more »

Feb 14, 2013 by in Life In The Noog

Bad to the Bone

Hate it or not in your idealistic world, there comes a time when you just have to stop getting cops killed and shoot a place full of tear gas and let the chips fall where they may. more »

Feb 21, 2013 by in On The Beat (2 Comments)

Head Games

Back in the day, the only way you could deliver the sounds coming out of your stereo into your ears and not everyone else’s was to utilize a gigantic headphone device the likes of which could also be found in the cockpit of a 747. more »

Feb 21, 2013 by in Life In The Noog

Rights & Responsibilities

Take advantage of your inalienable rights. Stand up for yourself and others, and more importantly for others who cannot stand up for themselves—but keep your head about you and you can keep $175,000 dollars in bond... more »

Feb 28, 2013 by in On The Beat

Street Talk

Being a savvy native, I know the hidden spots around town where one can park for free for just about any event or occasion. But even I‘m floored by the stretches of prime street locations unavailable for parking at all. more »

Feb 28, 2013 by in Life In The Noog

Healthy? Pay Up

Is it me or does this seem unfair? If I’m watching my diet, exercising and not running to the doctor every time I have a sniffle shouldn’t I be rewarded with reduced premiums? My car insurance company thinks so. more »

Mar 7, 2013 by in Life In The Noog (1 Comments)

Excessive Force

Last week, a graphic video of local police using force to affect an arrest was released prompting discord from every corner of the city, from citizens to administrators. more »

Mar 7, 2013 by in On The Beat (1 Comments)

More Gluten, Please!

I couldn’t help but think at the time that up until a couple of years ago I had no idea what the hell gluten was, and I doubt many of you did either. However, suddenly there’s a growing number of people dead set on keeping gluten away from their gut. more »

Mar 14, 2013 by in Life In The Noog (1 Comments)

Cowards: The New Heroes

This guy was shot in the back. He was unarmed. I heard it was over a girl.” My young General looked confused. I said, “That’s not gangsta; that’s a coward. more »

Mar 14, 2013 by in On The Beat

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