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Frost Giants, Norse Gods, And Fatherhood

The revenge fueled deicidal maniac we’ve all come to love and respect is back baby! A bit long in tooth and in facial hair but with a new mythological wasteland to cause glorious death and mayhem in. God of War, the Sony exclusive ...



Friends have tried to get me on the WoW train many moons ago, then there was SWTOR, Rift, and EVE Online. Instituting money drains like auction houses and excruciating time eating mechanics that make the eyes bleed with repetitiveness doesn’t ... more

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As I pour over the latest gaming news during the fleeting hours of the night, it appears the video game world is politically strained. As I’ve aged as a gamer, I’ve foolishly considered that I’ve refined my tastes when it comes to being a ... more

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I’m not sure what the Polish have been drinking over the years but they’ve been making some pretty creative games lately. Bloober Team may not have the shining reputation that the Witcher’s CD Projekt Red boasts but their latest foray into the ... more

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It’s February and that’s not love in the air. It’s more like rain and discord mixed with a slight breeze of despair from the recent electric bill and the plethora of school shut downs from the Mega-Flu. I’m not sure if anyone wants to see the ... more

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Happy New Year friends! Okay, I may be a wee bit late, considering it’s almost February, but there’s nothing like starting a fresh year with eminent nuclear disaster and a new Tide Challenge or whatever Darwinian Sadomasochist Award thinning ... more

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