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It’s Truly Out Of This World!

In the far reaches of the galaxy, an acoustic guitar strums amidst the din of colonists clanking shot glasses as an alien sun sets over a violet sea. Ruthless corporations rule these backwater manufacturing colonies with greedy fists of adamantium...

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The air has cooled, dead leaves are piling up in my yard, and strange sightings of candy corns have been seen about my house like eggs from a diabolically twisted Easter Bunny. Otherworldly essences claw at our doorsteps and watch with dark intent... Read more

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Nothing quite revs my engines like the promise of epic science-fiction battles in some vast expanse of an unknown galaxy. Wrap all that promise in a nifty 4X strategy tortilla and you can bet your sweet seat meat I’ll be throwing my money at it ... Read more

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Hold on to your thumbsticks, folks, because we may be riding high on the videogame roller-coaster crest of 2019! The start of the year was a dismal drop into some horribly executed and half-assed grabs for digital wallets and microtransactions ... Read more

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I had to live with Monster Hunter: World for almost a year to really grasp just how crazy this game is. Let’s get a few things clear: I’m not big on Sega games post Genesis era, Japanese style games annoy me, and I avoid online games like they ... Read more

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On July 26 at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens, New York, $30 million was on the line as a monumental event in gaming history kicked off to an excited and bewildered world. Esport fodder Fortnite attracted gamers from around the globe to compete in ... Read more

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If I’d have to rank one of my worse qualities as a human being it would be my lack of ability to sit and watch anything, especially watching people play video games. There is nothing more painful to me than watching other people play games I’m ... Read more

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