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Adventures In Back Seat Gaming

If I’d have to rank one of my worse qualities as a human being it would be my lack of ability to sit and watch anything, especially watching people play video games. There is nothing more painful to me than watching other people play games I’m ...

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In celebration of another hilarious E3 this year I went ahead and started digging into a few titles I was ashamed to play since their release dates. Mostly because of the hyper-woke pseudo-journalism surrounding them and also because of the lack ... Read more

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Mark your calendars, folks! The greatest holiday for gaming geeks is upon us. International Tabletop Day is a celebration of the global tabletop community and the Scenic City will be in on the action with the help of the dynamic duo of local ... Read more

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Being a gaming journalist comes with its share of perks. It can be a pleasant existence if you’re the type of person who cashes in on pre-release codes or play tests the latest whiz-bang for whatever upcoming triple-A disaster looms on the horizon. Read more

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Dungeon masters come in all shapes, sizes, and temperaments. Some are your best friends and some are loathsome soul grinders eager to slay parties with extreme prejudice. If you’ve been around the tabletop roleplaying scene for a while you will ... Read more

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There’s nothing like a drive along Hixson Pike on some odd chance you have a day off and ample fuel to burn for the hell of it. I’m not one to observe anything other than the road; billboards and non-traffic signs are flatly ignored in my Zenlike ... Read more

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