July 18, 2013

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"What Hutgrip is doing with machines, we're doing with people," added Suthar of Sensevery.  His cofounder explained the significance of Big Data by comparing it to personal weather prediction.

"If you think 'It's kind of cloudy, looks like I should get an umbrella because it's gonna rain,' you're using data you've been collecting all your life," said Cook. "Now we can place sensors and collect data in whole new places where there is opportunity to optimize that sort of interaction. Whether it's failures of a machine or failures of a human body, it’s data analytics."

Products like these are exactly what CO.LAB had it mind for this year's Gig Tank recruits: commercial services that need gig-speed bandwidth for development, testing, and delivery. Sooner or later, ultra-fast Internet is going to be as ubiquitous as the plain old fast variety is today. The Gig Tank startup accelerator is built on the idea that the more Chattanooga can attract product development companies like this, the better the city will be positioned for the gig-speed economy that's on the way.

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July 18, 2013

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