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Surprise! It’s A Catastrophe!

Apparently, just hours ago (as I write this) on Sunday, a large heretofore unknown asteroid (2018 GE3) raced across the southern sky, with absolutely no warning. Based on the amount of light it was reflecting, astronomers put its size at ...



Did you know that it’s International Women’s Month? It is! Because of that, I wanted to take a look at a few women in Science that you should know. (If you don’t already.) more

Just A Theory

So, we are about half-way through the Winter of 2018, which means it’s time for another Research Roundup! Of course, the first thing we have to talk about is last week’s successful launch of SpaceX’s Heavy Falcon rocket. After years of planning ... more

Just A Theory

As I’ve noted in the past, there’s an undercurrent of anti-science that has always been a part of the American life-style. This undercurrent holds that science and the pursuit of knowledge is somehow undesirable or even “evil.” more

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Last month, I told you about a new type of astronomy, one that uses Gravitational Waves to view cataclysmic events happening across the universe. This month, we’ve got news from old-school astronomers about a strange visitor from another star … more

Just A Theory

As we went to print last month, news was swirling about an “Unprecedented” announcement that would be coming from the folks at the LIGO observatory. “LIGO,” if you don’t remember, is the “Laser Interferometry Gravitational-Wave Observatory.” more

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