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Think Fast! And Slooooooow...

For some reason, we humans are obsessed with speed. The faster a thing goes, the more impressive it is to us. This fascination probably has some sort of basis in how we evolved. The faster a person was, the more likely they were to escape ...



Well, the kids are back in school, and we’re about half way through Summer, so it must be time for another Research Roundup! The biggest science news of the summer is the launch (just days ago) of the Parker Solar Probe. Unlike previous missions ... more

Just A Theory

Recently, my nephew came to stay with us for a few weeks. We hadn’t seen each other in over a decade and he is at the age (17) where he’s deciding what to do with his life. A couple of his pursuits, music and the theater, were very gratifying to ... more

Just A Theory

This week, people the world over will be celebrating the unofficial holiday known as “Juneteenth.” It’s a week-long celebration of the Abolition of Slavery here in the United States, which occurred on June 19th, 1865. While Juneteenth has been a ... more

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As you may have heard, humanity’s addiction to plastic is becoming a problem. It’s been well documented for a while now that plastics are killing animals in the oceans and on the land. More recent studies have found that micro-plastic ... more

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Apparently, just hours ago (as I write this) on Sunday, a large heretofore unknown asteroid (2018 GE3) raced across the southern sky, with absolutely no warning. Based on the amount of light it was reflecting, astronomers put its size at ... more

Just A Theory

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