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Sailing On Sunlight

One of the problems with space flight is you need to throw stuff out of the back of your spacecraft in order to make it go. You could throw rocks out the back, but you wouldn’t get very far, or go very fast. So, we’ve decided that, for now, the ...

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About a month from now, we’ll celebrate the 50th anniversary of humanity’s first landing on the moon: July 20, 1969. (Fun fact, the moon’s proper name is actually “Luna”, and it’s the root word for things like “lunatic”, “lunacy”, and “lunch” ... Read more

Just A Theory

Back in the 1970’s, NASA was just sending the first wave of robotic explorers into the outer solar system. Thanks to a fortuitous alignment of the planets, and some amazing astro-navigational feats by the folks at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory ... Read more

Just A Theory

If it’s not painfully clear yet, climate change is going to end our civilization and kill us all. All that’s really left is for BuzzFeed to make a quiz so we can all find out how we’ll die. Since this is print, we can’t really do that, so let’s ... Read more

Just A Theory

Here’s the thing about Science: It’s never afraid to admit when it doesn’t know the answer to a question. In fact, saying, “I don’t know” is the fuel that allows the engine of Science to creep our civilization forward. The simple act of humbly ... Read more

Just A Theory

On January 25th, 2004, I was sitting at the family computer (an eMac, remember those?) with my daughter, anxiously awaiting news from the surface of Mars as to the fate of a robotic lander named “Opportunity”. Even though Opportunity’s sister ... Read more

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