September 5, 2013

Do you like this?

Tomato plants (via seeds), bacteria, yeast, and even goats have been used as genetic vehicles. Silkworms are the newest vehicle for mass production, and while it’s affected the way I view ketchup, veal and bread in day-to-day life, that is now beside the point. 

You see, scientific efforts have recently been redoubled with the discovery of a new spider in 2010 on the island of Madagascar (known as Darwin’s Bark Spider, or C. darwini) that spins a web of nearly 2.8 square meters in diameter, with anchor strands of up to 75 feet in length that are up to 10 times stronger than Kevlar. The biggest spider webs in the world. (Shudder.)

Never mind this feat of biological engineering; think of the poor bastard that was in or near a river and discovered that sumbitch of a spider web nearly nine feet in diameter across the waterway. It isn’t the advancement in armor that would have come to my mind, but rather a practical way to incinerate that entire island regardless of its diverse and unique life, just to be sure that shit didn’t escape and make landfall somewhere. Didn’t he see a single “Alien” movie?

Five thousand, one hundred years of advancement, and we’re using spiders for body armor production. Kind of puts things into perspective, doesn’t it? It does for the poor bastard soldier and cop, anyway…but it beats grass reeds and chains, I suppose.

Here’s to “Civilization.” And an end to people trying to poke stuff into cops and soldiers …  because if we’re down to spiders for protection, should we even really be here?



September 5, 2013

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