September 19, 2013

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Enjoy your stagnant monotone lives and your eco-friendly cars and moderation in drinking, but let the young be young, you know? Sure, a few occasionally wind up quadriplegic, drowned or otherwise maimed or killed, but that’s just Darwinism reminding us to pull back on the throttle now and then while a new generation enjoys the lack of dignity of repeating our mistakes. This is nature, folks. Who are you to interfere with that?

Do you think I’m callous or irresponsible for thinking this way? To the contrary, because in your self-righteous blandness you never considered the fact that we’re 20 years away from the worst mid-life crises (plural) in the history of mankind, and at this rate that could be an extinction-level event. Don’t feel stupid, I’m usually a step or two ahead, but I am worried that if 50 Cent or Chris Brown isn’t going to throw a TV through a hotel window to kick this party off…who will? I weep for our tame youth. And therefore, for us all.

Get interesting, or get maimed trying.  (Write that down.)



September 19, 2013

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TNBear, I have to say -

...I have taken an Instant liking to you. Bingo.

Alex Teach 193 days ago


I'm now in my early 60s and did much partying in my youth. 20 years or so ago I lived across the street from some college students who threw a "party" one weekend. They set up a pony keg in the garage and were still drinking out of it two days later. It was then that I truly realized that the future leaders of this country had no stamina and there was no hope for us.

TNBear 209 days ago

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