November 21, 2013

Do you like this?

“Why don’t you read him his rights?!” was the cry that got me the most, because it underscored the youthful ignorance of the situation. My answer? Because they weren’t asking him any questions, that’s why, but the only obvious response is to laugh. Television doesn’t even push this bit anymore; he was being arrested for failing to comply with one simple word after three warnings, that’s why they weren’t reading him his rights, or Dr. Seuss either for that matter, since both would have been equally applicable. 

This isn’t going to help, but…when you break a marked barrier and refuse to do what a cop says, you will very likely be arrested. It’s simple. When you continue to not do what he or she says, they will have more cops help them.  And no matter how right you think you are, once you’re charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, obstruction of justice and inciting a riot, your point’s going to be lost, bro. 

“Not wanting to be arrested” or “Choosing which rules apply to you” aren’t affirmative defenses here, folks. But that’s the beauty of something like this happening on a college campus: Talk about real-world lessons being taught. Class was in session that day, baby.

You can have opinions. You can be passionate. But while you can also be stupid, you need to be aware there can be consequences, and usually very obvious ones at that.

(Class dismissed.)



November 21, 2013

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Agree 100%

I'm always very nice to the police, they have the power. If later on I decide to blog about something they did that I didn't like, that's their right. But picking up fights with men that can arrest you is pretty dumb.

Gregory Smith 143 days ago

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