Rioting By Regions: What's Different?



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I was there

Hi Alex, my husband and I along with a half-dozen friends attended the permitted and peacefully assembled protest before the events you are talking about. To put it frankly, it was tame. There were a few speakers of different perspectives including religious and ethnic-minority leaders from the community. When the speeches were done, people left. Well, most people. We left anyway. It wasn't until later that I heard the news of collision between an angry left and an angry right during an unsanctioned and un-permitted march. I don't condone the actions of these violent people, but I also don't want their actions to dampen the very positive words that were spoken in peace, in faith, in prayer, and in sadness on the atrocities we're seeing at the border.

I don't disagree with your reproach of the violence. However, I think you've found it rather easy to lump in the large number of peaceful protesters in with a group of violent agitators. What's more difficult would be to recognize the violence of ripping families apart and traumatizing the lives of these children. Where is your anger for that violence?

Peter Sooley 307 days ago

A Different World

Chattanooga is no paradise Sir. Authoritarianism is well enforced there. You have evil in the controlling Chattanooga elite that has been bought by the Ultra Rich. Portland Oregon has not yet been pacified by the authoritarians controlling #45, many of whom are from Chattanooga. 'Folks have more sense' is code for 'controlled by authoritarians'. Portland is a wonderful place. Many of its folks were surprisingly gentle and vulnerable to the crap coming from Southern US based authoritarian politicians and rich men. They are fighting back because they can. 'Folks have more sense' in other parts of the country because they can't fight back. So please, don't pontificate.

Southern Refugee 307 days ago

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