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Roundabouts Rule!

Down with stop lights! up with Roundabouts! Revolution!

Bill Duke III more than 4 years ago

Better than a fake roundabout

In a small neighborhood in NE Atlanta roundabouts were installed a few years ago...complete with stop signs.

FonJim more than 4 years ago

Not all vehicles are cars

Try driving a semi truck around a roundabout. If there isn't a truck apron, you'll be rolling over a curb. And if there are two lanes in the circle, there's no way to stay totally within either lane, so you'll have to put your flashers on and take both lanes. Of course nobody in the cars understands why you must do this, so it just pisses everyone off. And I've seen some insanely complex ones, where it's easy to make a wrong turn and end up in a part of town where trucks shouldn't be. I hate those damn things!

Super T. Rucker more than 4 years ago

Pure Blinding Hatred

I hate roundabouts. I will never accept roundabouts. I have used roundabouts. I still hate roundabouts. I hate roundabouts more every time some idiot planner puts one in an otherwise nice neighborhood.
And yes, I do realize that you are smarter, more sophisticated, more European, and just all around better than me.

Patrick more than 4 years ago

Hi from the northeast!

We have roundabouts up here, most of us call them rotaries. We suffer from the same issues that everyone else in the world does, the paralysis of the people staged to enter. I think you'll find that the root cause is the same that causes people to stop at a yield sign: some people are aggressive, and will roll through whatever traffic control you put in front of them, be it stop signs, yields, traffic lights or whatever, and other people will stop at them and check the traffic from every direction, like they were trained to do in driver's ed.

Now, nobody is trained to stop at a yield, but the problem is that some people just aren't capable of quickly viewing and assessing traffic flow while approaching a control device that's meant to slow, not stop the flow of traffic. I've been in the car with many people who stop at yields because they aren't able to see the traffic coming, and feel safer if they can "look before they leap" by taking a few seconds.

Rotaries work great when you have people that are fully capable of driving rotaries, but when you have people that aren't mixed into the equation, you end up with the type of traffic backups the rotaries were installed to avoid in the first place. The trouble here is that while you can create any new type of device you want to control traffic flow, you can't change people.

Schnacques Bonglestein more than 4 years ago

Yield In, Yield Out

I too am located in the NorthEast a,k.a. New England. There is at least one rotary that I drive through with some regularity that has the yield signs posted the exact opposite OF EVERY OTHER ROTARY IN THE UNIVERSE!!! It is a single lane of traffic throughout the rotary and drivers in the rotary must yield to the oncoming traffic from the streets that feed the rotary! It makes for an interesting driving experience when folk from out of state are thrown into the mix and follow the NORMAL rules of a rotary. I think some traffic engineers are real rocket surgeons......

Ted Stryker more than 4 years ago


We need to air some PSAs on this one. I too am infuriated and ashamed that the people in my are don't understand the concept either. I thought they would eventually catch on.. but NO.

Kenny_Loigin more than 4 years ago

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