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racist danny

Danny is a racist. He assumes that only one particular race likes deep fried food and uses EBT cards. Racist Danny is racist.

anti-danny more than 9 years ago

"We All Know What You Mean By This?"

By your logic, this tells me that you are clearly a Martian. You don't have to say the magic word, it's pretty obvious what you mean by "we all know what you mean by this". You're a Martian. I don't care how many Earth friends you have, either.
Martian Danny is Martian.
Or a complete toolbag, one or the other.
(If I were to be in a "OOH! RACISM!" contest, however, I'd actually point the finger at you for implying that only one race eats tater logs, chicken, and uses EBT cards. You should be DEEPLY ashamed of yourself, you Martian Toolbag. I LOVE tater logs, chicken, and have used an EBT card. But then, I'm...wait, you don't know my race, do you Mr. Generalizer of EBT AND Deep Fried Food Consumers?
"You People" make me sick. And by "You People", I mean white hot flaming idiots and purveyors of racial division where it doesn't exist. YOU are the people that perpetuate the stereotype through desperate assumptions, implications, and inferences. And so YOU are the people that ultimately just get folks hurt.
Have a tater log and get over yourself before I start the reactor and FREE MARS.

Alex Teach more than 9 years ago


Please enlighten me on when he ever specified a particular race? There are whites, blacks, mexicans and every other race that are capable and DO commit crimes... There are bad parts of town where everyone there is white, where everyone is black, where everyone is whatever race they are. There are people of every race recieving benefits from EBT, even those who have decent jobs.

And it doesn't matter what race you are, if you are robbing people at gunpoint, you are a criminal/thug. And yes, there are white thugs and mexican thugs. It doesn't matter what color you are, it's all about your actions, and if you act like a criminal/thug, black OR white, then you are a damn criminal/thug!!

Cait more than 9 years ago


"Any time the sign indicating acceptance of “E.B.T. cards” is larger than all other advertisements, be aware that your odds of being robbed at gunpoint"

"on-site production of deep-fried food, specifically tater logs and chicken"

We all know what you mean by this. You don't have to say the magic word, it's pretty obvious what you mean by "bad parts" of town. You're racist. I don't care how many black friends you have either. Racist cop is racist.

danny more than 9 years ago

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