December 29, 2011

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Japan’s Trifecta of Death, Bin Laden’s well-deserved death, Congresswoman Gifford’s well-deserved life, the ATF Fast & Furious scandal—all pure gold. But The Pulse belongs to sweet, sweet Chattanooga, so let’s keep things simple and wrap up the year with some local crime-related stories in no particular order. (Seriously.)

The Disappearance of Gail Palmgren

The 44-year-old Signal Mountain mother disappeared without a trace on April 30.  Shortly thereafter it was revealed that her husband Matt had been having an affair with a co-worker and he was promptly tried and convicted of her murder by local media. After seven months of searches and investigation, officials found her remains and her wrecked Jeep on the side of Signal Mountain. Her death has been deemed an accident; no apologies are expected from the aforementioned local media because … why would they?

Gang Violence

Unavoidable, and finally, undeniable.  Of Chattanooga’s 23 homicides so far this year, Chattanooga police officials estimate that 65 percent are gang-related. For once, denying gangs is not the problem; Mayor Littlefield had his spin stopped cold the last time he tried to blow it off as a “flash mob epidemic” and to his dismay discovered that his constituency did not consist of lobotomized snow monkeys, as he had apparently assumed.

The Murder of Sgt. Tim Chapin

The brutal murder of this humble and incredibly brave man and the devastation his death has wrought on this community has been more thoroughly documented than I could hope to summarize if given 100 years to do so, but an alternate title may have been “25-Year-Old Jesse Mathews Wins Front Row Seat Ticket in Center-Stage Hell.”

37 Die in April Tornados

Police, fire and EMS were given a snapshot of hell burned into their brains courtesy of the Apison F-4 tornado that killed eight in our county and 37 state-wide. The scene was devastation personified.

Deceased Infant Sent Home from Erlanger in Styrofoam Cooler

Three words: Holy Freaking Crap. A 22-year-old woman gave birth to a baby at 19 weeks that died shortly after. State law won’t allow the hospital to keep the body; it can only “hold it” until funeral arrangements are made, arrange delivery to a funeral home or … allow the parents to transport the baby themselves. The mother signed a release, but Erlanger was screwed from the get-go with this Catch-22. The story sparked public outrage after Erlanger sent the mother home with her deceased infant in a Styrofoam cooler. Nice move.

Police Take-Home Cars

Remember that spot in the news about the mayor’s new plan to save half of one percent of the overall budget by eliminating 58 percent of the police department’s take-home cars, despite little problems like the gang-violence bit mentioned earlier? How Littlefield spent $70,000 to equip a parking lot (two, actually) to save $600,000 (which was somehow $300,000 the year before), after he decided to save money by ceasing to hire cops for two years? In a later effort to show he had a sense of humor, he pushed to build a $3.5 million “wellness center” about the time the $70,000 parking lot was abandoned. For four months that story raged and he still never “got it.” Which leads to …

 The Littlefield Recall

(Nice transition, right?) Police related? You bet your ass; see the above. Right or wrong, “The People” recalled a mayor for the first time in Chattanooga history by virtue of the city charter by which he was elected. He sued to fight this and won.  “The People” appealed and he lost. Then he lost again. Then he sued again. Anyone else think our town is boring?



December 29, 2011

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