July 11, 2013

Do you like this?

I’m not asking for a blessing. I’m just asking you to think. Let crime flare up like a wild fire until it runs out of fuel and go back and literally pick up the bodies…or treat criminals like criminals instead of a protected class of victims. 

Like police work, crime is a full-contact sport; shit will happen and it will be scrutinized, but we need your support—or you need to let us just go home and quit getting hurt. Here are some theories to consider:

A six-foot-tall, 180-pound 16 year old with a gun is not a “child.” 

A group of youths wearing like-colored clothing on a street corner making exchanges through passing vehicle windows are not “at risk of being misjudged.” 

And a guy that loses the fight when he takes on a cop or cops…is not a “victim.” He just lost, that’s all.

These are “criminals.”

Once we pick up on that line of thinking again as a society, then we can work on making jail actual punishment, instead of a hotel with free college benefits. 

Just points to consider, but I’ll tell you a secret before I finish: Your cops will never quit trying…but we sure need some incentive to keep pressing this fight. For a fight is very literally what it is, and we should all be sick of it.



July 11, 2013

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Thank you

Thank y'all for your good work. (And you for some fairly good writing.)

Andrew, husband of Wendy

Wendy Dibble-Lohr 285 days ago

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