November 23, 2011

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A week ago Wednesday, the Chattanooga Organized for Action generic email address asked a generic councilperson a question on the generic purchase of AR-15s for its police department.  Below is their email reprinted in its entirety for perspective:

City Council Representative,

Last night the City Council approved the purchase of 30 AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifles (commonly referred to as “M16s”). Previously the City of Chattanooga had put out a bid for these weapons. We would like to know why the City of Chattanooga feels that these assault rifles, which are created for the sole purpose of killing many and killing often, are a priority for our City?

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Chattanooga Organized for Action

This being a matter of public record and I being a quasi-public figure, I felt it appropriate to give Chattanooga Organized for Action a public response for such an excellent rhetorical question.

Let’s start right away with your belief that these are “weapons that are designed only to kill people, and lots of them”.

In all fairness, if the Council was buying them for mass murderers, you’d be right; but in your rhetorical madness, you forgot these were for “police officers”.  Rifles are indeed meant for stopping/killing efficiently...but you’re mistaking the cops for whom you call 911 for mass murderers at banks, schools, churches, and businesses. I know you fight for space in such small minds but they’re, like, two totally different groups of people.

How about a quick geography quiz:  Columbine. North Hollywood (Bank of America). San Ysidro, CA (McDonalds). Fort Hood, TX (Nidal Hasan). Stockbridge, Georgia (day-trader mass murder). Do these sound at all familiar?

Single-shot AR-15s are for those rare instances when people wear body armor and walk into a school and kill people with rifles. Or walk into a McDonalds and kill people with rifles. Or walk into a business they were fired from and kill people with rifles. I literally wish I was making those examples up.

Does it happen often? No. But when it does, is that when you want to bid out for weapons, and wait on approval…billing…and shipment?

Are you aware that there are people out there that kill en masse? That rob stores wearing body armor pistols are useless against? Have you HEARD of this happening, even once?

Why, just last April there was a guy in the news that was wearing that exact armor that allowed him to shoot a Chattanooga policeman in his back and another in the face as their .45 caliber bullets refused to stop him. A rifle would have stopped that. (An AR-15, specifically.)

“Bad things” happened at those places I mentioned, and despite your apparent prejudice (or in fairness, ignorance), cops didn’t cause those. Barack Obama and George Bush didn’t even cause those.

Crazy people caused those, and cops were sent in, with tools, to stop them. That is why we need cars and guns.

Rifles are tools. Same as handcuffs, pistols and police cars. They don’t send in Occupiers to mass murder scenes, or firemen, or taxi drivers; they send cops with training and tools.

It saddens me that Chattanooga Organized for Action folks have somehow never heard of people walking into schools, churches, businesses, restaurants and homes and killing people en masse. But then, they didn’t know their argument was invalidated by the fact the C.P.D. already does carry those weapons, for decades, in fact. Through training and professionalism, they never knew it.  

What I can help them with, however, is suggesting that when referring to AR-15s to the council and specifying that they are “commonly referred to as M-16’s”, word to the wise:  You look somewhat idiotic. That’s like saying “The Ford Focus is commonly known as the Honda Accord.” See?  Dumb.  Looking stupid kills your credibility, at least to others not on the same level of ignorance on the topic they’re criticizing.  

Keep your focus: It’s not rifles you hate, it’s the freedom of speech you hate cops using, explaining things like this when we should be silent and speak only when spoken to like a child or “proper wife”. In fact, responses like this are why you hate cops, because they cast a light on a world you try to believe doesn’t exist. Turns out we’re humans too, but we deal with problems differently because we work face-to-face with bad things that “judgment and ideals” (and camping) don’t actually work with.

Tools. Crazy People. It’s not complicated, and it’s sure not a threat...I have 30 years of proof, locally and personally, to show you how wrong you are.

VERY disappointing of you, but I have to admit…very entertaining.

When Chattanooga Police Officer Alexander D. Teach is not patrolling our fair city on the heels of the criminal element, he is an occasional student, carpenter, boating enthusiast, and spends his spare time volunteering for the Boehm Birth Defects Center. Follow him on Facebook at



November 23, 2011

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Speeaking of the Arizona S.W.A.T. incident. Mr. rdl , the dude pointed a gun at them before they fired any rounds. ENOUGH said!

JUST SOME DUDE more than 2 years ago


How about the SWAT team in Arizona that recently battered down a door of a USMC young veteran while his wife and child were there and fired over 70 rounds (hitting him with 20 something rounds) and killing him and he never fired a shot. I guess they needed all that firepower to carry out a warrant. Police sometimes do not use good judgement either.

rdl more than 2 years ago

To the Confused one

To the confused one. Touching on the UC Davis Officer who "Indiscrinatly used his pepper spray". Do your research before putting you two cents in! You saw a clip of about maybe a minute when the whole incident lasted for about 15 minuted AT LEAST. you can now see the whole incident on YouTube and see why this Officer used his spray. Check it out and get back to me! Type in UC DAVIS PEPPER SPRAY WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Just some Dude more than 2 years ago


Officer Teach, Maybe your department could bid out for sunshine, rainbows, and fuzzy kittens to keep on hand the next time bad men attack?
@confused- if we are to walk around worried that police or public safety personnel are constantly about to misuse the weapons, then we do not have freedom and should be too afraid to leave our homes. I will take my chances with the TRAINED AND PREPARED cops misusing the weapons, against not having them. This is far better in my eyes than having no one to stop the evil doers set on wreaking havoc and harming innocent people. I simply choose not to put myself in a position of which the police will find it necessary to use or misuse those weapons against me. As for the pepper spray incident at UC Davis and other occupy travesty, the 1st Amendment states:"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people PEACEABLY to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."
It does not say: you may interrupt meetings, you may cause a disruption and disturb the peace, you may camp out and make a public health and safety nuisance, you may disobey the laws meant to create and maintain and civilized society.
When someone questions the right and the ability for police to be properly equipped and trained, when the police are responsible for the safety and security of the citizens, damn right they get angry.
Would you expect a doctor to save lives without the tools of their trade? or by use of lesser tools than needed? Police officers save lives, too. And sometimes the mere threat of equal or better force is enough to deter would be criminals.

A. Teach For President more than 2 years ago


I may be coming late to this topic or debate, with only the context of the reprinted email inquiry and Officer Teach's response, but I'm confused by his comments and the apparent vitriol aimed at those who emailed the question.

Is it not true that assault weapons are designed to kill? Is it not true that the military version of the semi-automatic AR15 is called the "M16"?

It is important that our police and military defenders be adequately provisioned to do their job, and if high powered assault weapons are a part of that mix, for use in dealing with criminals in body armor or some similar situation, then such weapons should be considered.

The flip side is that weapons can be mis-used, even in the hands of police or other public safety personnel. Witness the indiscriminate use of pepper spray by the campus police at UC Davis. It seems reasonable to this observer that the Chattanooga public has the right and the responsibility to ask questions of their elected officials and police departments.

Officer Teach - Chattanoogans appreciate your service and your opinion. But your words seem very angry, and if you are only responding to the email from Chattanooga Organized for Action, that anger seems misplaced.

confused? more than 2 years ago

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