Local Bird Ways Signal a Better Future



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This is a charming inducement to study and observe more closely. Thank you. However, I wish to correct the impression that comparatively only a few birds are killed by industrial wind. It is all cumulative, as Michael Hutching of ABC tells us. In the US alone, between 13 and 31 million birds and bats are killed annually. We just received news of bat carnage yesterday in a piece published in Scientific American....bats are being killed MOSTLY now by industrial wind turbines, second to White Nose Syndrome. We have an ecological disaster on our hands. Raptors are not killed by cats....but they roost and roam and forage on ridges and in meadows and do not observe the tips of blades that are moving sometimes at 200 mph. It is now estimated that 70% or more of the carcasses of dead and wounded are not retrieved by company hired personnel. We suspect the numbers are much higher. The kicker is that industrial wind world wide produces less than one percent, net zero, of our electrical consumption. That is actually in 2014, point two of one percent, according to a scientific paper from India. When will the nonsense of wind power, an oxymoron, end? Only when we tell our politicians it must end. It is obscene that we are in danger of losing so many of our migrating birds. Shame.

Sherri Lange more than 2 years ago

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