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Me, too!

Our 31- year- old gay son died from HIV/AIDS nineteen years ago. I loved him, cared for him until the end, accepted him, his partner and friends. I became a "member" of the lgbt community by way of ChattanoogaCares and PFLAG Chattanooga. They are my family.

My bio family(siblings, et al) is large with many elephants standing around. Although we've been very open with everyone, other siblings have been non-accepting of our response and way of dealing openly with our own situation. For example, one sibling has two gay children that are disowned, not allowed to come home w/partner, and a third child who has partner of another race - also not allowed to bring partner home.
Result: Total estrangement. Their way of dealing with the whole situation is "not to deal with it"(total silence). We have become surrogate parents.

However, we had our Thanksgiving Table today with family and do every year; we are so blessed. Thank you.

Matt Nevels more than 8 years ago

This Thanksgiving

My best buddy in Chattanooga is a regular columnist for The Pulse newspaper there. His articles are always amazing, but this one rocked me to my thankful heart. As we're counting our blessings, here is something to remember and ponder.

Ginger Allen Barszcz more than 8 years ago

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