Women in Technology Comes to Gig City

At the kickoff event held at Loose Cannon, the CTC recruited about 40 people, according to Jennifer Walker, office administrator for the CTC. About 100 people attended, including the CEO of Volkswagen.

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Let the Sun Shine on City Data

After the tornadoes of 2010, the Ochs Center reached out to Ryan and other civic-minded data nerds to help local governments, and the advocates for opening data wound up creating data. more »

Mar 27, 2014 by in Technology

Computer Code, Meet City Code

Is the point of this digital “year of service” making the mechanism of government a little more efficient, or is it about finding some kind of civic killer app, bringing some of the digital mojo of the business startup world into city government? more »

Mar 13, 2014 by in Technology

Return of the Native Web Designer

After graduating from UTC with a BFA in graphic design in 2003, he worked in Atlanta, Birmingham, Baltimore, Portland and Berlin. Last year, he moved back to Chattanooga to join the growing technology and startup community. more »

Feb 27, 2014 by in Technology

Enter The Unicorns

"GE told us they'd like to hire every single designer we could produce," says Jensen-Inman. "All of these people, they just don't want to hire one person, they want to hire lots." more »

Feb 14, 2014 by in Technology (1 Comments)

Building a Coworking Community

“I was like, that’s it, here you go—do it,” she says. “You weren’t going to jump, somebody pushed you, just go.” In coworking, she saw an unfilled niche in Chattanooga. more »

Jan 16, 2014 by in Technology

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