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The myth of "The Unicorn"

As a UX practitioner myself, I'm very concern about the focus on the "generalist." The reality of business is that there is a high-level of specialization that is required to do this job. With digital technology evolving, there is MORE need for specialists, not less. I'm afraid that this curriculum might be strong on "industry experts" who can spout TED talk-like speeches and leave the students with little in the way of real skills.

Stephen Ruiz more than 3 years ago

The risks of being a "unicorn"

Hi Stephen, I see your perspective. Big projects require laser sharp focus, so if having shallow, but broad knowledge gets in the way of that, we risk the success of the project, right? What do you see are the specific risks with being a generalist?

C Ramirez more than 2 years ago

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