April 4, 2013

Do you like this?

If you’re feeling under appreciated, get off your pity pot and take a big hit of the real suffering we found on the blog posts of Education, Arts & Culture Dept. Founding Administrator Missy Crutchfield. (Can a week go by without us mentioning Missy? No. No, it cannot.)

Punch up missycrutchfield.com and—brace yourself—you will be stunned by the enormous headshot that will greet you—then head over to Be Magazine, the online vanity project she launched on city time that drew heavy criticism, where you can commiserate with her while reading the latest installment of “I’m Missy and This is My Story.”

In a recent post, she chastises Chattanooga’s “small town newspapers” (the TFP and The Pulse, we guess) for, well, hating on her. History is littered with victims of hatred, she writes: German Jews under Hitler and Native Americans and African-Americans in this country. And now ... Missy Crutchfield. Um ... OK.

So she made a few bad softcore porn movies in the ’80s? (They could be called art house films!) So her dad is disgraced former State Sen. Ward Crutchfield. (Not her fault!) How long can you hate on a single mom trying to make it on $107,000 a year?

“Hate—if it is not stopped, it does end somewhere, and it doesn’t end well,” Missy concludes.

Despite the extreme analogies, Crutchfield is right. It will end somewhere and not well, at least not for her gig at the EAC, we figure. It’s a little too late to be asking, “What would Gandhi do?” but hey—any port in a storm.

April 4, 2013

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