November 7, 2013

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The Camp House


1427 Williams Street, City of Chattanooga, Tennessee

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    Another Story Live celebrates the art of the Raconteur. The theme of the night will be "Coming of Age." Come out to tell a story or to hear great stories. Potential storytellers put their name in a basket, and when their name is drawn they have 5 minutes to woo the audience with your on theme escapades. Telling a story is not required.

    November 7, 2013

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    Another Story Live

    While I believe the time limit they set for telling stories is needed, I also feel it is a bit short. Most stories I heard at this event were about the theme coming of age but to my disappointment most were either about someone's first kiss, a pair of tennis shoes, and some girl believing she was Wendy and was looking for her Peter Pan to come back and take her back to Neverland. I know right, so basically I feel the same about stories as I do music. If I am watching a good band play, I could listen as long as they wanted to play and if someone is telling a good story, I would want to hear it all, not some rushed, edited on the fly version due to time restraints on telling it. I can't support that especially when so many writers feel so deeply passionate about what they write. God forbid setting a time limit for artistic creation. To me, that is censorship's first cousin.

    Shawn 152 days ago