December 7, 2012

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St Andrews Center


1918 Union Avenue, Chattanooga, Tennessee 37405

(423) 987-5141

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    In a truly collaborative experiment, ETC brings dancers, actors, writers and vocalists together to explore the causes, effects, and reactions to natural disasters. A fitting capstone as ETC closes the 2012 season.

    Created by ETC

    Directed by Garry Lee Posey

    December 7-16

    Friday @ 7:30

    Saturday @ 3:00

    Sunday @ 6:30

    "We wanted an original piece that sort of, tongue in cheek, poked fun at the idea of the end of the world, tying it end with the end of our season," says director Garry Lee Posey. "As the ideas started germinating and incubating in my mind, I knew that I wanted the final product to be something more of an experience. I knew I wanted Dance and spoken word, poetry. I assembled a team of two choreographers and a spoken word writing team. Together we created the approach. Each of the four of them will be creating individual pieces that dissect natural disasters and the experience around them. Ann Law will be creating a dance piece that addresses the calm before the storm, Brandi Alexander will be addressing the storm itself and affects/experiences that it creates, Angela Sweet will be creating a movement piece with song that focuses on the immediate aftermath, and Marcus Ellsworth is creating the finale piece which is a montage of monologues reflecting on experiences."

    Brandi Alexander describes her excitement of exploring the subject matter. "Storms are beautiful. Terrifyingly beautiful. As a child I relished in the smells, sounds, and sights of storms. As an adult I still recognize the beauty, but respect its power to destroy landscape, infrastructure, and lives. Because it does. Increasingly often we are not met with a storm that conjures cleansing and healing but with one that all of us hope and pray will be followed by such. As land and life continue to be tested by the weather, corruption, greed, charity, love, hope, and the will to survive will all come into play to produce our survival, or our demise."

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    ETC is a nonprofit theater company housed at the St. Andrews Center at 1918 Union Avenue in Historic Highland Park.

    December 7, 2012