January 2, 2014

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Track 29


1400 Market Street, City of Chattanooga, Tennessee 37408

(423) 521-2929

(423) 266-7602

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    The duo’s constant touring, as well as staunch dedication to a number of social and environmental causes, has earned them a fervidly devoted following over the years. So many artists who launched their careers in the late 1980s have slipped from our collective memory. In contrast, the Indigo Girls stand tall, having earned the lasting respect and devotion of a multi-generational audience which continues to experience their creative evolution in the studio and on stage. For Ray and Saliers, Beauty Queen Sister—like each new musical endeavor they embark on—offers a fresh opportunity for exploration and discovery. “We really work hard to not lean on any tried-and-true path in making our albums,” says Ray. “So when it comes to writing new songs and working with different musicians, every record feels like a completely different adventure for us.” TRACK29, 1400 Market St., (423) 266-4323, Track29.co.

    January 2, 2014