May 7, 2013

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The Comedy Catch


3224 Brainerd Road, City of Chattanooga, Tennessee 37411

(423) 629-2233

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    MG intended to have a career in entertainment when he earned a masters degree in music, but thought he might have a better chance of moving out of his parents’ house if he worked in corporate America. But after being fired from five different jobs, he got the impression that a white collar job might not be his thing. Now MG is thriving as a comedian, with performance credits including CMT, the New Orleans Comedy Festival Comedy Town Project, headlining the current Country Comedy Tour and has shared the stage with such names as Gary Valentine from “King of Quenns,” Bruce Bruce from BET Comic View, and comedian/actor Sinbad. Also, he can be heard regularly on Sirius Satellite Radio.  Sunday, One Show 7:30pm $9.00

    Rated: PG. The Comedy Catch, 3224 Brainerd Road (423) 629-2233

    May 7, 2013