May 15, 2013

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Track 29


1400 Market Street, City of Chattanooga, Tennessee 37408

(423) 521-2929

(423) 266-7602

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    Scenic City Roots, Live from Track 29 is a monthly, two-hour musical variety show that revives the historic legacy of live musical radio production. The idea is to showcase Chattanooga as a city rich in history and musical culture. Featuring for June 6th: Elizabeth Cook, Jacob Jones, The Old Time Travelers, Black Jake & The Carnies, and Sons of Fathers.  $10 General Admission/ $5 Student w/ Student ID. All ages**Under 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian**18+ Valid Photo ID Required**partially seated. Track 29, 1400 Market St. (423) 266-4323.

    Broadcast on WI public television, Thursday nights at 9pm EST, and airing live on WPLZ Hippie Radio 106.9FM, Scenic City Roots Live From Track 29 sheds a light on Chattanooga’s breathtaking scenery and the revitalized local music scene as well as regional music that has been imported, from Country and Americana to more progressive interpreters of tradition -- a "roots and branches" format that brings together fans of different tastes and generations. Presented live from Track 29, located on the historic Chattanooga Choo-Choo campus, this show will showcase purveyors of musical quality and authenticity across many genres.

    May 15, 2013