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Jazzanooga is a nonprofit operating under the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga. Music enthusiasts and arts-minded Chattanoogans can donate to Jazzanooga’s fund by visiting the Community Foundation’s website. more »

Apr 17, 2014 in Cover Story

Spreading Their Wings in the Big Art Sky

But what about the novice painter, sculptor, printmaker? How do they create a body of work with a depth beyond their present experience? more »

Apr 10, 2014 by in Cover Story

A Film Lovers Feast Is Finally Here

The CFF needs to become a part of Chattanooga, an institution as recognizable as the Aquarium, one that brings in as many tourist dollars as Rock City, and stands as solid as Lookout Mountain. more »

Apr 3, 2014 by in Cover Story


Two million dollars. One month. One state. And there were only 59 businesses in the entire state that were certified to sell marijuana when it officially became legal at the beginning of the year. more »

Mar 27, 2014 by in Cover Story (1 Comments)

Secrets of the Sommelier Revealed!

They will either find you that exact style of wine or they will take those flavors and introduce you to something new. This is where the adventure happens for me. It’s like buying the perfect birthday present. more »

Mar 20, 2014 by in Cover Story

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