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MainX24 Needs More Than 24 Hours

In what’s becoming as big a part of the beginning of the holiday season as Thanksgiving and Black Friday, MainX24 celebrates Chattanooga’s Main Street and Southside neighborhood this weekend by hosting a grassroots, 24-hour long festival ...

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I can still hear the sweet old lady in the 1980’s Wendy’s commercial saying, “Where’s the beef?” and such a simple line still speaks volumes today. Where has the hearty portions of quality goodness gone? We are so quick with fast food that we ... Read more

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On a cold Saturday evening at the Chattanooga Convention Center I watch as three-foot and shorter fighters kick and punch re-breakable boards with the intensity of focused monks at prayer. Proud parents and an equally proud sensei look on in ... Read more

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A skinny, black-haired, college-aged kid was strutting through a recent event at the downtown library. This kid made it a point to make sure everyone knew he was there. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? College kids are loud and belong in the ... Read more

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The holidays, we’re told, are supposed to be “the most wonderful time of the year.” Yet holiday travel can be stressful, maddening, and downright overwhelming. Some things, like delayed flights, road congestion, and annoying relatives, just are ... Read more

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A narrow gravel road ran between the highway and the railroad tracks. It went across a one lane, timber-framed bridge and ended in a copse of pine trees. Halfway between the railroad bridge and the pine trees stood an old blue house. I lived there... Read more

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Time once again for The Pulse’s annual review of the music scene here in Chattanooga—the article in which we stand the music scene against the kitchen wall and make a pencil mark to see how much it’s grown in the past year. I tend to be a bit of ... Read more

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