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The Ultimate Summer Tip…

“Ladies and gentlemen of (Chattanooga), wear sunscreen. If I could offer you only one tip for the (summer), sunscreen would be it.” This adapted opening line from the song “Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)”, which was originally penned by ...

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In Nick Lowe’s extraordinary five-decade music career, he’s recorded perfect pop songs such as “Cruel to Be Kind” and “So It Goes”, produced Elvis Costello’s first five albums and “New Rose” by the Damned (considered to be the first British punk ... Read more

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Stand at the top of Forest Ave. and look down the hill at the Walnut Street Bridge. People are walking, cycling, talking, busking…thick as clover in May. Yes, people are swarming downtown like bees seeking a new hive. What are they looking for? Read more

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There is an old manuscript in the special collections of the downtown library, written by a man named Henry Wiltse. The manuscript has been cheaply bound and the pages are type-written and brittle. It is a collection of historical notes and ... Read more

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As the ground dries out from the months of torrential downpour, it is prime time to get on your knees and get dirty! Studies show that there are therapeutic benefits to digging in the dirt, such as reducing stress and curbing depression—one ... Read more

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This Monday, April 22nd, marks the 49th observation of Earth Day. Conceived in the aftermath of the 1969 Santa Barbara Oil Blowout, in which three million gallons of oil created an 800-square-mile slick that killed over 10,000 dolphins, seals ... Read more

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Establishing an arts festival that becomes an integral part of a community for almost two decades is no easy endeavor, but it’s exactly what AVA, the Association for Visual Arts, has done with their 4 Bridges Arts Festival, which kicks off its ... Read more

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