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The Ninth Annual Short Story Contest

Every year for the past nine years, we've challenged Chattanooga area writers to come up with a 500 word or less story. As any writer knows, that's quite a challenge. Our team of judges, including last year's winner William Mitchum, had a very ...



Mobile food ventures have been part of the international culinary world for as long as civilizations have existed. Busy Bangkok intersections are the poster child for hustle and bustle with innumerable carts slinging delicious bites, eclectic ... more

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With the unbridled charm that the picturesque city of Chattanooga uses to enchant locals, and visitors with daily by way of its thriving music scene, events, activities, happenings, arts, and the overall heartbeat that is felt throughout the city ... more

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The road crew was out before the sun had cracked the tops of the trees. Paving a road is summer work, but why do a hot job in the heat of the day? The road in question was a dead-end street that lay on the northern end of Woodmore Lane ... more

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I am disappointed in myself that I did not know that Juneteenth, which is this coming Tuesday, is an American holiday to commemorate the day slavery was abolished in Texas in 1865 and the day the last slaves were emancipated from the Confederacy. more

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The soft, warm smoky dew drifts down from the brow of Lookout Mountain, mingling with a healthy dose of showers that greet the first morning of June. A lone turkey tip-toes along a tree line shouldering Chattanooga Creek as an indigo bunting ... more

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