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St. Elmo Sees Changes Ahead

The Chattanooga City Council unanimously approved the rezoning of four tracts in downtown St. Elmo when they met last week, which should make way for a $21 million, mixed-use development in the heart of the small village. The decision was met ...

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Everybody loves a good maker story. From Jobs and Wozniak piecing together the first Apple computer in a garage, to the friend with a side hustle or startup making soap or roasting coffee or printing t-shirts, to Doc Brown turning a DeLorean into ... Read more

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This past weekend, I was talked into leaving the air-conditioned comfort of my home with promises of barbecue, booze, and the accompanying bliss that comes from the combination of the two. To be honest, simply saying “burnt ends” three times into ... Read more

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It’s a venerable system of accountability, part of the fabric of any true republic. As centuries attest, power does indeed corrupt absolutely, so people who dislike dictatorships started instituting separate entities to keep other entities in check. Read more

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The farmers-market market is inundated. In my research, I found almost twenty active farmers markets; more are popping up as quickly as this season’s crops. According to the Farmers Markets Coalition, the number of markets has more than doubled ... Read more

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There is endless beauty located all throughout the stunning city of Chattanooga. Hidden gateways unlock some of the most tranquil natural settings in the country, and the often-bustling downtown scene has a tremendous amount of life and energy ... Read more

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