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The World Of Urban Gardening

At 1800 Roanoke Avenue there’s a building that houses Hope for the Inner City, a local Christian non-profit group. It’s a drab building. A row of abandoned brick buildings next door has a “for rent” sign posted near the sidewalk. A train yard is ...



It’s not officially Fall until September 22, but we all know that Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer. The arrival of cooler temperatures, a drop in humidity and the eventual return to limbs free of mosquito bites is nearly upon us. more

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Hot or cold, the perfect drink should take some time; intricate parts creating a mellifluous mixture. More than just a perfectly poured Guinness, an aperitif or digestif should encompass local, fresh ingredients as much as the meal. more

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In these troublesome times, when brother fights against brother, when children rise against their parents, when Kardashian struggles against Kardashian—we, the good citizens of the land of the free and home of the brave look out across the amber ... more

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You are getting sleepy, very sleepy. We’ve all seen this scenario play out, maybe in a movie or at the circus, where a hypnotist dangles a pocket watch on a chain to slowly and seductively put his subject into a trance-like state. Once under the ... more

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Many people are born knowing exactly what their calling in life is, but for many other people, we have to learn through experience, which is exactly what Todd Olson, current Executive Director of the Chattanooga Theatre Centre, did. Olson, who ... more

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