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A Star-Crossed Love Letter

I love watching her sleep, listening to her deep breaths like the purr of a cat. I love the moment when she wakes, slips closer to my chest. I’ve never fit with anyone the way I fit with her. Clicking together like snaps on a western shirt. We ...

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If someone asked you to come up with a mental picture of the South, it’d probably be pretty easy; I mean, we live in the South. However, if you really think about it, the South is an incredibly diverse place. There are the mountains of Tennessee ... Read more

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Poetry is meant to be read aloud, and Chattanooga poets and writers have rediscovered the importance of performing their work before an audience. Over the past two decades, opportunities to do so have multiplied dramatically, to the surprise and ... Read more

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It’s become almost second nature now. To walk through the city and look at the rhinoceros north of the river (he always seems eager to have the base of his horn scratched, though I’m not sure I should confess to climbing up on his wagon to touch ... Read more

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It’s early on a Saturday morning. The water is beginning to boil and I carefully spoon a scoop of freshly ground coffee into my French press. The aroma of the ground beans has pleasing notes of citrus, vanilla, and sweet cream. I pour the now ... Read more

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Since introducing the idea of an initiative to combat hate crimes in the Scenic City in his April 2018 State of the City address, Mayor Andy Berke was presented a report sharpening the goals of his newly formed Council Against Hate last April ... Read more

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This city of ours is something truly special, right? It’s the greatest secret in the world that Chattanooga is one happening place. The city has a vibe that is quite unlike anything else. It’s alive. It has a heartbeat. The energy that pulsates ... Read more

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