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Painting The Scenic City

What was once known as “The Armpit Of The South” is well on its way to becoming the Belle of the Ball. For more than 30 years, Chattanooga has been in the midst of a citywide revitalization effort that is effectively transforming an industrial ...

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If you’re a longtime Chattanoogan, you’ve probably seen The Pulse around for years. Maybe you used to read a copy at your favorite, now-long-gone Frazier Avenue hippie-dive bar. But believe it or not, this now-venerable weekly was once a baby arts... Read more

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I have not had fast food since January as I have been on this journey of digestible discovery, trying to figure out what is good for my body versus what is conveniently at my fast-paced fingertips. Being a woman who used to put 3,000 miles on my ... Read more

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Cars have proven to be a surprisingly resilient invention. We’ve had them for coming up on 135 years now. We sell about $121 billion worth of them a year and while a recession or trade war may make a dip in those numbers, what else are you going ... Read more

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Chattanooga’s first female police officer was Patricia Underwood Williams. She was recruited to the CPD after graduating Knoxville College in 1971. Officer Williams would serve thirteen months in the youth crimes division of the CPD before ... Read more

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Much has been said about the struggle of working mothers to achieve a good work-life balance, with some wondering if women truly can “have it all”, but when it comes to Chattanooga rapper BbyMutha (real name: Brittnee Moore), a mother of two ... Read more

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