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There’s More To Coffee Than Meets The Tastebuds

It’s early on a Saturday morning. The water is beginning to boil and I carefully spoon a scoop of freshly ground coffee into my French press. The aroma of the ground beans has pleasing notes of citrus, vanilla, and sweet cream. I pour the now ...

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Since introducing the idea of an initiative to combat hate crimes in the Scenic City in his April 2018 State of the City address, Mayor Andy Berke was presented a report sharpening the goals of his newly formed Council Against Hate last April ... Read more

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This city of ours is something truly special, right? It’s the greatest secret in the world that Chattanooga is one happening place. The city has a vibe that is quite unlike anything else. It’s alive. It has a heartbeat. The energy that pulsates ... Read more

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What’s the difference between a ravine and a ditch? The word ravine has a French flavor to it. If you say the word more than once you’ll start saying it differently with every breath. At first it’s just a ravine. Soon it becomes a “ra-VEEEN” and ... Read more

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I was crouching in a dank and dusty crawlspace underneath a funeral home at midnight. I was engulfed in a darkness only cave crickets are comfortable with. I pressed my back against the cinderblock foundation and felt the weight of the giant ... Read more

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In what’s becoming as big a part of the beginning of the holiday season as Thanksgiving and Black Friday, MainX24 celebrates Chattanooga’s Main Street and Southside neighborhood this weekend by hosting a grassroots, 24-hour long festival ... Read more

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I can still hear the sweet old lady in the 1980’s Wendy’s commercial saying, “Where’s the beef?” and such a simple line still speaks volumes today. Where has the hearty portions of quality goodness gone? We are so quick with fast food that we ... Read more

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