October 24, 2013

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More scary and not-so-scary stuff to do this year

KICKING OFF THE HALLOWEEN WEEK OF 2013 IS THE Haunted Market on Sunday, October 27, complete with multiple costume parades and contests and a multitude of gourd and apple selections to help everyone prepare for All Hallow’s Eve, the spookiest of holidays, on Thursday. Additionally, the weekend of the 25th to the 27th will be your last chance to visit Rock City’s Rocktoberfest, the Enchanted MAiZE at Blowing Springs Farm, and the Blowing SCREAMS Farm Haunted House before the boundaries between the spirit world and the human worlds fade.  

On the weekdays leading up to Halloween, there will be a bit of a lull—a respite to let everyone take some deep breaths and prepare themselves for the absolute blowout that will signal October’s end in Chattanooga. You can see Maximo Ortiz’s “Spooky Nights in the Library” art collection at the E.G. Fisher Library and admire his spooky style in an attempt to prepare yourselves for the big night, or perhaps spend the last few evenings before Oct. 31 putting the finishing touches on your costumes—because they are going to need some quality structural support to last through this night. Not only will you probably be battling vampires, zombies, ghosts, werewolves, and other monsters at various stages of undead, but you’ll also have to hit up all the parties around the town.  

The pre-dark stages of the night are, as always, reserved for kid-and-family-friendly events, including the Halloween Family Festival at the Sequatchie Valley Institute located on 1233 Cartwright Loop from 4 - 9 p.m., the Scarecrow in the Wilds Picnic and Hayride at the Chattanooga Arboretum and Nature Center from 4:30 - 6:30 p.m., Halloween at McKay’s Books from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m., and the Soddy Trunk O’ Treats held at the Soddy Community Chapel from 6 - 8 p.m. Additionally, Cleveland will be hosting its annual downtown Halloween Block Party, with stage appearances from the Convertibull Party Band and The Breakfast Club 80s Tribute Band. 

These events will include plenty of timeless pre-Halloween human rituals, such as hayrides, bobbing for apples, and eating vast amounts of candy that will give you and your children the energy surge you need to run from, or, if you’re feeling brave, attack, the hordes of ghouls and goblins that will soon be knocking down your front door.  

If you’re done bashing in the heads of your enemies, definitely consider attending the many celebratory bashes that will be accompanied by music and quantities of alcohol to rival your candy binges from earlier in the evening. The Chattanooga Whiskey Monster Mash at Miller Plaza promises an assortment of whiskey cocktails, while Chattanooga’s favorite bars and hangouts boast the best lineups for a good time. The Honest Pint’s “3rd Annual Halloween Bash” includes The Bohannons with Behold The Brave, Mime Games and The Nim Nims, J.J.’s Bohemia’s “Halloween Show” features Strung Like a Horse, Jack A’s Chop Shop Saloon’s “Halloween Party” stars Dash Rip Rock, and Rhythm and Brews’ “Halloween Party” features Opposite Box with Deep Fried 5.  

Looking for a somewhat more laidback and relaxing activity to recuperate from your evening of monster-slaying? The Vaudeville Café will be putting on a special Spook-tacular Murder Mystery Dinner Show and Brewer Media will be hosting Noel Coward’s Hauntingly Funny Blithe Spirit Costume Party and Contest at the Chattanooga Theatre Centre. So, don’t worry!  There will be plenty of fun and interesting activities for everyone (who survives), from our smallest children to the most agèd of our fellows.  

Consult the Pulse’s calendars to review your options and create the best possible game plan for your Halloween festivities!

— Chelsea Sokol


October 24, 2013

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