December 12, 2013

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2013 Holiday Shopping Guide

Louis C.K. may very well be the funniest man alive. He is also the comic voted most likely to offend half of the people in the room so warn grandma and get the kids out of the room before you hit play on his recent HBO special "Oh My God." The best part is that you can get all the funny for just a little money. 

$5 (yes, $5)

 Dan Akroyd's Crystal Head Vodka has teamed up with the Rolling Stones to commemorate the band’s 50th anniversary by offering a gift set featuring a bottle of their triple-filtered, quadruple-distilled spirit plus tons of other Rolling Stones-related goodies. This makes as much sense as any rocker-booze collabo, given that Keith Richards has been swigging vodka mixed with orange soda for over two decades.


Although making this a surprise gift might entail some creepy attempts at aquiring a swab of your loved ones' inner cheek, these DNA Portraits are a completely unique, personal and beautiful piece of art created entirely from the DNA sample you provide. You choose the color, size, style and frame to complete this one–of–a kind gift. The company also produces kiss and fingerprint art.

$199 and up

For the creative photographer bored with the  perfect predictability of today's digital cameras, the Sprocket Rocket is a Lomography (or Lomo) camera that adds the creativity of 35mm photography back in. The camera shoots panoramas and can expose film all the way up past the sprocket holes. Among its many features, the camera has a rewind dial on top so you can wind the film forwards and backwards for multiple exposures and other interesting effects. 


Now that you have the Rolling Stones vodka set, you may as well go ahead and spring for these black walnut martini glasses from designer David Rasmussen. Wood is a better insulator than glass, so this stemware will keep things chill a bit longer while you contemplate installing a tiki bar in your rumpus room.


December 12, 2013

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