February 28, 2013

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Jerry Mitchell | Age: 57

  • Occupation: Full-time candidate
  • Website/Facebook: mitchellforcitycouncil.com, facebook.com/jerrymitchelldistrict2
  • I’m running because …  “I want Chattanooga to be the best it can be.”
  • Pulse Intern Rating: Accessibility: 10 | Responsiveness: 10 | Earnestness: 9 | Pleasant/Eager To Talk: 10 | Perception: 10
  • Mitchell is one smooth-talking, cool customer coming out District 2 with a lot of support from his neighborhood. He’s a confident guy who feels great about his position in the race, and it shows. If attitude alone could determine a winner, this contest would be over.

Priscilla Simmons | Age: 63

  • Occupation: Retired government financial manager
  • Website/Facebook: electpriscillasimmons.com, facebook.com/priscillasimmonsforcitycouncil
  • I’m running because …  “I want to protect the taxpayers’ money.”
  • Pulse Intern Rating: Accessibility: 10 | Responsiveness: 9 | Earnestness: 9 | Pleasant/Eager To Talk: 10 | Perception: 9
  • Simmons is a nice woman with a genuine Southern charm. Her eagerness is unmatched in this race and her determination serves her well against her competitors. She’s a motherly type, very concerned about the finances of the city, the people who pay taxes and you get the sense she’s trying to help.

Rodger Tuder | Age: 62

  • Occupation: President and CEO, Associated General Contractors
  • Website/Facebook: rogertuder.com, facebook.com/roger.tuder
  • I’m running because …  “I’ve got 37 years of professional and private experience that I can offer to my community.”
  • Pulse Intern Rating: Accessibility: 9 | Responsiveness: 8 | Earnestness: 7 | Pleasant/Eager To Talk: 7 | Perception: 7
  • Tuder is a politician’s politician. The first time I met him, he hit me with the “Hey, I’ve met you before” reel. I don’t think I’ve ever set foot in his district. Other than that, he seemed to be a good guy, but responded with the typical canned answers you’d expect from a politician.

—Pulse interns Gaby Dixon, Julia Sharp and Esan Swan contributed mightily to this project. The comments following their ratings are their own and do not reflect the opinion of The Pulse. The editor’s notes are his own opinions and do not reflect those of Brewer Media, but do reflect those of The Pulse.

February 28, 2013

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