February 28, 2013

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Manuel Rico (Incumbent) | Age: 67

  • Occupation: Full-time councilman
  • Website/Facebook: chattanooga.gov/city-council/council-members/manuel-rico-district-7
  • I’m seeking reelection because … “I’ve done a good job in the city and I’ve been told what a good job I’m doing.”
  • Pulse Intern Rating: Accessibility: 9 | Responsiveness: 8 | Earnestness: 7 | Pleasant/Eager To Talk: 8 | Perception: 8
  • Manny Rico is, well, Manny Rico. He’s a considerate man and seems honest, if a little self-absorbed (if you can’t tell from the quote he gave us). Dedicating all of his time to the city council, he is an open and positive person. Rico did have a sense of disengagement from the race. He seemed a little too confident about his prospects of winning.  
  • Editor’s note: Oh, Manny, how insightful, ranking yourself so high!

Chris Anderson | Age: 32

  • Occupation: Director of food and beverage at Bluff View Art District
  • Website/Facebook: andersonforcitycouncil.com, facebook.com/andersonforcitycouncil
  • I’m running because … “The people of my district deserve safe streets, good jobs and a strong neighborhood  they are not getting it from current administration.”
  • Pulse Intern Rating: Accessibility: 4 | Responsiveness: 7 | Earnestness: 8 | Pleasant/Eager To Talk: 8 | Perception: 8
  • Anderson is a young, first-time candidate who is trying too hard to make all the right moves instead of putting himself out there for the people to judge. My first impression of him? Too rehearsed. He didn’t seem comfortable enough to be running for public office. Anderson seems like a terrific guy, very nice, but a tad too inexperienced.
  • Editor’s note: First openly gay candidate ever (to our knowledge) in Chattanooga. Even if he loses, he opens doors.

Karl Epperson | Age: 67

  • Occupation: Retired
  • Website/Facebook: karlforcitycouncil.com, facebook.com/pages/karl-for-city-council
  • I’m running because …  “I think it’s important to have someone represent and know what the people are going through.”
  • Pulse Intern Rating: Accessibility: 4 | Responsiveness: 7 | Earnestness: 8 | Pleasant/Eager To Talk: 8 | Perception: 8
  • Epperson might be running for city council, but he might want to give the CIA a shot. The man is incredibly difficult to find. Said to be a “regular” at Greyfriar’s, trying to find Epperson is hit or miss. Needless to say, he is a wide-eyed, would-be politician hopeful of change in his community. Epperson is optimistic that he can make a change and he’s a refreshing voice in the race.

Tramble Stephens

  • The Pulse was unable to contact Stephens. In fact, no one in the media has been able to contact Stephens, who filed early, qualified, then disappeared. Why waste our time and yours, Tramble?

—Pulse interns Gaby Dixon, Julia Sharp and Esan Swan contributed mightily to this project. The comments following their ratings are their own and do not reflect the opinion of The Pulse. The editor’s notes are his own opinions and do not reflect those of Brewer Media, but do reflect those of The Pulse.

February 28, 2013

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