February 28, 2013

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Andraé McGary (Incumbent) | Age: 32

  • Occupation: McGary was a talk show host at WGOW-FM 102.3 Talk Radio, hosting “Live and Local.” He ran unsuccessfully last year for state senate.
  • Website: chattanooga.gov/city-council
  • I’m seeking reelection because … “District 8 residents know there’s no substitute for action. They’ve seen a man who speaks out on issues to his own hurt, a man not afraid to stand up to the mayor and a man who seeks to deal fairly with all people. I am their councilman.”
  • Pulse Intern Rating: Accessibility: 7 | Responsiveness: 8 | Earnestness: 7 | Pleasant/Eager to Talk: 8 | Perception: 7
  • Editor’s note: Smart, savvy and thoughtful, but prone to knee-jerk reaction (possibly as a result of hosting a radio talk show), McGary is ambitious and seeking a path to higher office. With some more polish, he’ll get it and we’ll reap the benefits.

Moses Freeman | Age: 74

  • Occupation: Former Howard High teacher, graduate and student activist who participated in the Civil Rights Movement in Chattanooga. Freeman now serves as the co-owner of the Urban Development Corporation and is a commissioner for the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport Authority. He is also executive director and past president of the Riverbend Festival.
  • Website: mosesfreeman.com
  • I’m running because … “I envision Chattanooga as a place that will attract people from all over the world to not only visit but to live. Chattanooga will become a model for other cities to aspire to, not only because of what we did, but how we achieved it: in a collaborative cooperative way.”
  • Pulse Intern Rating: Accessibility: 10 | Responsiveness: 9 | Earnestness: 9 | Pleasant/Eager to Talk: 9 | Perception: 10
  • Editor’s note: Despite his age, Freeman is an exemplary choice and the antithesis of his elder, Jack Benson. There is much wisdom Freeman can pass on and he has much left to offer the city.

—Pulse interns Gaby Dixon, Julia Sharp and Esan Swan contributed mightily to this project. The comments following their ratings are their own and do not reflect the opinion of The Pulse. The editor’s notes are his own opinions and do not reflect those of Brewer Media, but do reflect those of The Pulse.

February 28, 2013

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