October 24, 2013

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The Infamous Shock Theatre will air its third episode—a horror hosting package created to present a new version of “Plan 9 From Outer Space”—on WDEF-TV 12, October 26 at midnight. 

The program portrays Dingbat as a victim of an alien abduction. The backstory is in support of the classic horror film—which has been called one of the worst movies ever made.  

Legend Films has done a magnificent job with the restoration process of Ed Wood’s cult classic—and they’ve added a new twist, the element of color. Shock Theatre producers say they are amazed at how “Plan 9” comes alive on screen with the addition of colorization. 

The Shock Theatre cast follow leads throughout the program until they finally locate the abducted Dingbat and confront an alien being, whose spacecraft has been ditched. You’ll witness Dingbat being beamed aboard a UFO, examined by aliens—then Dr. Shock will come to Dingbat’s rescue,  communicating  directly with an alien being. 

“We have a full two-hour program of skits, original music, movie facts, and horror news,” says Jack Gray, who portrays Dr. Shock.

"The Abduction of Dingbat"

Saturday, October 26

Midnight, WDEF-TV 12


October 24, 2013

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Oh please!

Pretty please tell me I can watch this online, as I live up in Seattle now. I'd hate to miss this!

Tonya Rosenberg 175 days ago

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