DeBarge Winery

The DeBarge Family Vineyard is located on Georgia’s Pigeon Mountain near Lafayette. The winery, on Chattanooga’s Southside, is in a building built in 1910 which was a Masonic lodge. more »

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Consumers look beyond media for trusted networks

Everything about wine—the bizarre tasting rituals, knowledge of obscure regions and varietals, and identifying good values—is supposed to be handed down from on high. more »

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Pour, Swirl, Smell, Taste

Tasting wine is all about the senses, but it’s more about the smell. Here’s how to judge the glass under your nose... Discussing wine means discussing smell, and our sense of smell through the ages has served both to please and to warn. more »

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Wine Week Glossary of Terms

A Glossary of Terms to accompany the "Pour, Swirl, Smell, Taste" wine feature. more »

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Brix Nouveau

Brix Nouveau focuses on wine and cheese and its mission, according to manager Rosabelle Gorman, is to entice people to experience new and unusual wines in a relaxed, non-inhibiting atmosphere. more »

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One Last, Good Feeling to Last Forever

The Shaking Rays tribute to Dennis Palmer will not mark an end; it’s about channeling the kindness, generosity and creativity he embodied and sending it out to the cosmos, multiplied. more »

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Smoldering Keyboards

The student press in Chattanooga is alive and well, but it has cooled and struggles to connect with an audience awash in social media. more »

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Turbo Taxed

Intuit, producer of the top-selling tax software TurboTax, has opposed letting the government do your taxes for free—even though it could save time and headaches for millions of filers more »

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Celebration of Southern Literature: She’s Not There

I think what Jamie Quatro has done in this book is a weirdly beautiful blend of revelation and concealment, looking through herself as a lens to see something bigger but leaving the reader with a fascinating double vision. more »

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Fix What’s Broken Break What’s Fixed

While a business incubator wants to help companies come into being, he says, “An accelerator wants to get you born or to get you to die quick. more »

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Solving a Big Problem in a Unique Way

"You've got to be solving a big problem in a unique way, leveraging your technology, and being really sensitive to what your customer needs," he said. "And your revenue model has to be working, so you're getting cash to sustain the business. more »

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Socializing and Gamifying

Two Gig Tank teams are developing mobile applications that turn familiar aspect of business inside out by exploiting the ubiquity of smart phones and social media. Sisasa and Tidbit are two of the seven teams spending the summer working on highly acc more »

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Build It and They Will Gig?

In the next six to twelve months, Kochan hopes to see some application prototypes, maybe even some product launches. "Chattanooga is perfectly poised to become a test bed for that kind of new technology," he said. more »

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Inside The Haunted Hilltop

A gruesome and terrifying walk through this haunted barn is enough to make the most sane individual contemplate swallowing their own tongue—but don't worry, you'll be screaming too much to even consider such a Hannibalistic mind game. more »

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The Novelist Procrastinates

It never occurred to Hannelore Herald that the Club Tong Pang would disappear. She assumed it would be there when she got up the courage to step through its enormous wood and iron doors. more »

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Vodka, My Vodka

As I entered the bar, I was greeted by Megan and Jeff, who were tending to a tall metal tree-looking device with little bowls full of limes, cherries, olives and raspberries. I only assume that cocktails can get excited early over Christmas, too. more »

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The Mad Mask Maker

After everything has had time to dry and, eventually, bake, Murphree can start painting the masks—probably the most interesting part of the process. Each mask has its own individual, marked characteristics. more »

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A Zombie Circus at the Haunted Carnival

Corridor after corridor of surprises, jumps, frights, and audio-visual hallucinations were enough to send me spiraling into a deep psychosis—but it wasn’t complete until I saw the figure that would laugh in my nightmares for years to come... more »

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Mutants Reign at Blowing Screams Farm

However, it was not a scientist or small furry critter that would evoke phobic responses for years to come—but a bunny rabbit the size of a man who lunged at me from his rabbit hole with intent to kill! more »

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Dr. Shock Returns To Television

You’ll witness Dingbat being beamed aboard a UFO, examined by aliens—then Dr. Shock will come to Dingbat’s rescue, communicating directly with an alien being. more »

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(Be) Heading for Halloween

Consult the Pulse’s calendars to review your options and create the best possible game plan for your Halloween festivities! more »

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The Last Of The Great Fall Regattas

The regatta is a head race—competitors row a 5,000-meter (3.1 mile) course on the Tennessee River ending at Ross’s Landing Park. more »

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Between Beauty & Bedlam

"I’ve got something very special lined up for you," he writes on his blog about the event. "If you missed the performance at The Hunter over the summer, we’ve got you covered this time around. I guarantee satisfaction!" more »

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Gift Guide for Locals!

Support local performers, writers, and artists. more »

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