October 4, 2012

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RiverRocks, a 10-day festival celebrating Chattanooga’s natural resources with an emphasis on community, will close Oct. 13 with Gig City Roots Concert headlined by T Bone Burnett and The Secret Sisters.  Other performances include Todd Snider, Futureman and the Circle of Harmony, Doyle Dykes, The Nim Nims and Jason D. Williams.

Gig City Roots Concert will be held in Coolidge Park from 7:00 to 9:30 p.m. The concert will juxtapose live music and cutting edge technology through the use of the unparalleled broadband capability of “the gig”, now available in Chattanooga in an HD online streaming experience.  “The gig” is 200 times faster than the national average broadband, and due to the expertise of the University of Southern California’s Annenberg Innovation Lab, Chattanooga is the only city in America with ubiquitous gigabit per second broadband internet connectivity according to a news release.

The Secret Sisters and T Bone Burnett will utilize this technology during the headlining act.  T Bone Burnett will be linked to the concert from Los Angeles while performing live with The Secret Sisters in Coolidge.  “The gig” will allow the three performers to play simultaneously as if they were on the same stage.

“It opens up a whole new realm of possibilities.  With the special software developed at the Annenberg Innovation Lab the show will demonstrate just one use of this technology with almost limitless potential for future applications in the areas of technology, education and entertainment,” music producer Todd Mayo said in a news release.

T Bone Burnett is a 12-time Grammy winner for his work on widely acclaimed soundtracks from blockbusters such as Crazy Heart, The Hunger Games and O Brother Where Art Thou.  He signed on as Executive Producer for The Secret Sisters’ freshman album after hearing the duo perform live.  The Secret Sisters released the album under Beladroit Records, Burnett’s label conceived specifically for the album.

RiverRocks will run from Oct. 5-14 with over 90 events that emphasize wildlife conservation, including Balloon Glow on Oct. 6 and The BIG Picnic on Oct. 13, an event featuring Chef Eric Taslimi, who will serve up healthy, local and sustainable food.  A sculpture burn will immediately follow Gig City Roots in the festival’s finale.  Sculptor, Andrew Nigh, will build the wooden sculpture during the festival in the main part of Coolidge Park.

For more information on RiverRocks or Gig City Roots Concert visit

Here are just a few highlights from the 10 days of activities scheduled for the 2012 River Rocks Festival. Visit for complete schedules and details about each event.

RiverRocks Canoe/Kayak Race

October 6 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Everything from elite racers to casual paddlers competing on the Tennessee River at the 21st Century Waterfront for $5,000 in cash and prizes. Starting and finishing at Ross’ Landing, this race is designed for speed, fun and to enjoy the beautiful waterfront.

Hot Air Balloon Glow presented by BlueCross BlueShield

October 6  8:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Coolidge Park will be filled with gigantic, glowing lanterns as hot air balloons fill both sides of the park wtih beauty and excitement. Don’t miss it, come before dusk to line the bridges and park, get up close and photograph your favorites, see how beautiful the night can be with the hot air balloon glow.


October 13 12:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

The BIG picnic celebrates RiverRocks’ focus on locally produced foods.  Chef Eric Taslimi, formerly of Table 2, will master the BIG grill and offer  your choice of a hamburger, hotdog or Petunia’s Silver Jalapeno’s barbecue butt, all cooked on site and served with potato salad, cole slaw and grilled vegetables. Saluting all the local farms that produce the freshest, healthiest foods you can serve your family.

RiverRocks Grand Finale - Gig City Entertainment

October 13  7:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

Taking the stage at Coolidge beginning at 7:00 will be Tennessee musicians Todd Snider, Doyle Dykes, Futureman & the Circle of Harmony, Jason D. Williams and The Nim Nims.  Each 25 minute set will be followed by a short interview with the artist. River Rocks will then welcome the Secret Sisters on stage who will perform from their new CD.  This great duo’s latest album was produced by legendary musician T Bone Burnett and the legendary musician himself will join them onstage via the Gig Network from California.


October 4, 2012

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