December 15, 2011

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Collecting vinyl is all the rage among the kids, but we forgot to tell you—you’ll need a stereo. Chance are, most people won’t be compiling thousands of records, but for your new and gently used discs, you’ll want a decent sound system. Serious audiophiles spend tens of thousands on their equipment, debating the merits of turntables, receivers, tuners, amps and speakers on dozens of websites, but if you’re on a budget and simply want a quality functional stereo, you’re in luck. For about what you’d pay for a nice Mac laptop, you can own a relatively nice component system. Here’s a recommendation from

• Turntable: Pro-ject Debut III, $349,

• Amplifier: Cambridge Audio Topaz AM10, $349,

• Speakers: Klipsch B-2 Synergy, $180,

• Cables and other accessories: $50

Total: $928

That’s hardly pocket change. But you will spare yourself the embarrassment of spinning your LPs, 45s and 7-inchers on the ugly but cheap Crosley close-and-play (shown at right). The more adventurous can find deals on and

— Bill Ramsey

December 15, 2011

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