Homebirth And Midwives



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Homebirth and Midwives

Interesting article, as usual, by Robyn. She's right, giving birth is a life event that stays with you forever. Thinking outside the box is very forward thinking; that's why homebirth and homeschooling make families stronger. Mothers choosing what is best for their families.

MaryLou C Wolfe 247 days ago

Doctors and Nurses Choose Home Birth Too

The sentiments above echo many that were articulated by doctors and nurses who attend birth in the hospital and chose to have their own children at home, even against significant professional criticism at times. I was able to tell many of their stories in the documentary film, Why Not Home? I hope that many more families will have access to this option, beyond the white upper middle class demographic that is primarily served by home birth midwives currently in the US.

Jessicca Moore 248 days ago

Yes!, Jessica

‘Amen’ to your last sentence, Jessica!

Rebekah 241 days ago

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