October 10, 2013

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Driving upon the Haunted Hilltop this year will be like nothing ever before. The chilling and harrowing sounds carried through the crisp cool air and permeated into my ears, keeping my body on edge and preparing me for an experience like no other.

Being away from the city lights and noisy cars helps give the feeling of seclusion that haunt aficionados rarely get to enjoy. The smells of fall consumables, smoke from the bonfire, and sweat from the fear of people running around screaming fill the air. Yes, this is certainly the time for haunted hayrides and spooks galore.

Your adventure starts out at the entrance to the Haunted House, which already is a testament to how detailed and experienced these professional thrill-setters are. The line doesn't seem very long as the sounds of terror and pure excitement fill the area. There are several people enjoying themselves outside the main entrance, eating popcorn and watching scary movies on the outside television. Just as my nerves start to calm, I'm informed it's my turn to enter the house of doom.

Once entering, there is no escape. The professional actors maintain the utmost integrity when it comes to handling their dinner...that is to say, customers, but it should be well known that they won't harm you if you keep your head about you. Darkness embraces your soul in the blackest of black rooms, a cold moist feeling. Through each breath I feel closer to death. A gruesome and terrifying walk through this haunted barn is enough to make the most sane individual contemplate swallowing their own tongue—but don't worry, you'll be screaming too much to even consider such a Hannibalistic mind game. Sporadic flashes of light assist in producing greater fear as all senses of the body are fully engaged in this doom-filled environment. Known for its animatronics, a slew of new ones were added for the 2013 Haunted Hilltop experience—and they do not disappoint. 

Continuing is no easy task, but once you've finally navigated this house of horror, you'll be able to enjoy a long hayride through the woods. Without spoiling too much of the surprise, just be sure to keep your wits about you, as not everything is always as it seems. The smell of hay, tractor fumes, and blood is appetizing at times, making me curious about my own sanity, but I courageously progress forward, as there is no turning back once the journey into the woods begin.

Overall, the Haunted Hilltop ghouls outdid themselves for the 2013 year. A huge staff, expert work in claustrophobia-induced fear, animatronics, story-driven surprises, and a relaxing bonfire with food and drinks tops off an incredible night of fun, fear, and freaks. Check them out and be sure to bring a group of friends to help keep you alive till the end. 

They are located at 8235 Hwy 58 in Harrison. Tickets are priced at $20. For more information, check out 


October 10, 2013

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