October 24, 2013

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THE NIGHT SKY WAS VOID OF CLOUDS AND THE MOON PROVIDED enough light to guide our path. We were told a chemical accident had taken place somewhere around Saint Elmo—but an investigation into such grandiose claims would be required to back up such a story. 

BSF Global was known for conducting themselves in risky and inhumane ways, with whistleblowers coming forward with horrendous information into the testing they perform on innocent bunnies, squirrels, and…people.

In accordance with Section 666 of the Right to Know Law within our local municipal government regulations we were granted access into their facilities in order to file a complete report on what exactly goes on behind those guarded walls. We were led to the entrance of their operations and greeted by a misshapen fellow, let’s call him “Fred”, who warned us to keep our wits about us as it’s not always wise to go snooping around gathering information—even if it’s legal to do so.

The journey began and I felt a tightening in my chest. It could have been from extreme exposure to dangerous radiation, or to the fear that crept over me, knowing at any moment a deformed creature from beyond the pit of hell could reach for my ankles or come screaming down from the ceiling. Some rooms were extremely dark with only faint hints of light. But they were full of screams, able to be used in guiding my way through this demented compound.

In one area, the sick bastards were experimenting on helpless and defenseless squirrels. Squeaker, as the label read under one of the cages, had began growing a forth eyeball and devilish horns. One can only wonder what purpose an army of deranged and mutated squirrels holds. Was it power BSF Global sought? Was it to watch the world burn? I had to push forward to discover more hidden secrets.

After being chased by some of the unlucky scientists who were unable to escape before the “accident” took place, I found myself in a dark room that appeared at first to be safer than the places before. Each step carried a bit of hesitation, because one does not simply forget how easily these creatures lurk in shadows waiting for unsuspecting victims. However, it was not a scientist or small furry critter that would evoke phobic responses for years to come—but a bunny rabbit the size of a man who lunged at me from his rabbit hole with intent to kill! I luckily escaped after a well-placed feminine scream frightened the human-sized furball away.

Near the end of my journey, a medical doctor came forward to collect any misplaced faces or limbs that might have been “accidentally” taken during the tour. Little did we know that it was a setup, with the intent to purposefully rip the faces off pretty young girls and guys, in order to rebuild their population of chemical mutants, enabling them to lure more unsuspecting victims.This was a great haunt and one for the season! Check out more info at www.blowingscreamsfarm.com

October 24, 2013

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