No Final Rest In Potter’s Field



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John Doe

There is a John Doe from 1972 still unidentified in your area.

His remains were found in a cornfield. No DNA as he was buried in the Cofer Cemetery.

Todd Matthews 233 days ago

Grave marker

A friend of mines' birth mother is buried there. Is there a record of burials in the last 30 yrs. She passed away in 1988 and would like to know the location or her grave.

randy schmidt more than 2 years ago

Potter's Field

Thanks for the interesting article! If you happen to run across more information about the "cadaver express" going on at that time, I'd be interested to hear/read about it!

Chris more than 3 years ago

Potter's Field

Fantastic article! Thank you so much for such great details.

Heather more than 3 years ago


Thank you Heather. It was indeed a complex topic with many layers of information that I just couldn't cram in there. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

B Miller more than 3 years ago

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