December 20, 2012

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By early spring, Rustand said he hopes to have a curriculum in place for classes and workshops, which will be offered to small groups of students. He’s also hoping to partner with the local chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts to collaborate on activities and events, as well as attracting guest lecturers and speakers.

“We’re really hoping to create a network,” Rustand said. “Our goal is to become a self-sustaining nonprofit and watch it blossom in years to come.”

Rustand and Greenwell have already organized an enthusiastic group of dedicated supporters from the local design and creative community and update their progress on a Facebook group page, where 100 fans so far are offering help and pledging support for the operation.

“A lot of people are excited about it,” Rustand said. “It’s a great fit for the design and creative community. Even those who aren’t designers are fascinated by the machines and type.”

Chattanooga’s Print Cooperative is located at 1271-B Market St. (facing the Urban Stack restaurant).


American Letterpress: The Art of Hatch Show Print

From the Smithsonian traveling exhibition "American Letterpress: The Art of Hatch Show Print," this video explores art of letterpress printing as practiced by the 125-year-old Nashville press.


December 20, 2012

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