The Fighting Lady And The Iron Maiden: McKenzie and Hill



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Fighting Lady & Iron Maiden

Reading the article title and expecting to read something about Metal Bands, I got the surprise to actually read about these amazing women. My fav quote, “This is a woman who has stared down evil without flinching. You can feel it in her gaze. Sitting across from her, I feel myself being analyzed, dissected, and filed. I definitely wouldn’t want to tango with her in an interrogation room.”. It reads like a novel. But it is real life.

As one of Chattanooga’s Police Chaplains, I am grateful for this article for expanding my view of past & present law enforcement professionals. Today, CPD has several women officers, from patrol divisions and all the way up to Assistant Chief. And they all are badasses! I know that word isn’t appropriate for a Chaplain, but it truly is the only appropriate word to reveal my respect for all of our police officers.

Tommy Vowell 361 days ago

Thank You!

Thank you so much for the kind review!
I hope to keep Helen and Melinda out there with further tales of their adventures. I've no doubt that the women of the CPD are bad-asses and I consider myself very fortunate to know the women that came before not just Melinda and Helen but others that served in uniform immediately after them.
I believe that the living history of our community is vital now more so than ever before and it is my hope that their story comes to life to help us make sense of our present. With that being said, thank you for what you do Chaps and thank you for reading!

Brandon Watson 360 days ago


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