The Future Of Food Trucks



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Restrictive Regulations

I’m thinking using the word “struggling” to describe how regulators arrive at “extremely restrictive regulations” is gratuitous.

Chat Landia. more than 1 year ago

Do all food trucks have to work only in the City?

We developed a property out here in East Brainerd about two years ago specifically offering a place for Food trucks to set up during the week and weekends and even billed and promoted it as a "Food Truck Park". Was a great idea at the time, however, virtually none of the Chattanooga food trucks were interested in coming out here or even giving us a look. The one truck that did wrote us a bad check and skipped out on the lease!

One of the most successful food stands / trucks in Chattanooga, "Fat Boys Roadside Eats" has been here 3 years and they kill it every day with tons of business both lunch and dinner.
We're not in the city, there are no regulations to hassle with, and the busy road of Standifer Gap has a ton of traffic. East Brainerd is exploding, we're only a couple of miles away from US Express, Amazon and Volkswagen and many neighborhoods, so we never really understood why no one has any interest in coming out here.
There are plenty of hungry people willing to support Chattanooga's food truck scene in all areas of town - not just Downtown.

I want to add that Lisa with "Spill the Beans" came out for an evening event we had here last Fall and she was one of the nicest people we have ever dealt with, so we wish her nothing but continued success.!

Tim & CC Martin
East Brainerd Market

Tim Martin more than 1 year ago

Please loosen the regs

For a city that is supposedly pro enterpreneur and business, they've done a pretty good job at nearly killing an industry that virtually every other city in America has deemed worthy. Loosen the rules and allow people to make a living selling quality food. I would love to be able to walk downtown during my lunch and have a choice of a variety of quick options to eat.

Dan more than 1 year ago

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