We’ve Been Working on the Railroads a Long Time



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Time to join the United States.

Go take a look at highway 64 under the railroad underpass and you will notice the railroad cleaned up the gravel in the road then added barricades to prevent gravel runoff, a nice touch. The law is very simple highways are by law 60 feet wide and no railroad is allowed to interfere with highway traffic. I'm not sure how the local railroads have managed to violate the first edition United States Code created by president Grant but they do and that underpass is in violation of both laws. It's time for Tennessee to join the United States and obey the laws of the United States as they agreed to do as a condition to becoming a state.

Charles Ramsey more than 5 years ago


Charles, Yes, the railroads should comply with the laws as written. RR ballast (rocks) is very large and should be kept out of the roadways. If you see such a violation, I would recommend that you contact the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) and report the matter.

Raymond Cutcher more than 5 years ago


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